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Oct 14, 2007 06:07 PM

Best Lobster Deal in nyc or bk?

What is the best deal on a lobster dish in manhattan or brooklyn? Whole steamed lobster is preferred, but a roll or some other dish would be okay.

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  1. if you can get past the dated decor try francisco's centro vasco on w 23rd st between 6th & 7th aves. not trendy and not a hispter joint and no lobster rolls.

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      i'll second centro vasco, though you have to get the lobster broiled, it's my favorite. as far as this being the 'best deal'...well that depends on how much lobster you eat. i usually do a 3 1/2 pounder that's around $60-70.

    2. the best lobster deal in town is The Palm - unfortunately, it only exists from June 1 thru August 5th. 5 lbs lobster for 2, includes 2 salads & 2 sides for $105. 6 lb lobster for $125

      1. mo carribeans-i think mondays it about $10 each 2nd ave in around 76th st

        1. Wombat on Grand Street btw. Leonard and Lorimer has lobster night every Tuesday. Lobster (no claws - boo) choice of 3 different preparations for $12. I have yet to try it myself, so I am not able to truly say if it is a deal or not.

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          1. This reminds me that I had wanted to check out Fairway (brway & 74th location)upstairs $32 Lobster dinner. Might be worth a visit.