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Oct 14, 2007 05:59 PM

Beso on 5th Ave., Park Slope, is closed

No, the food wasn't great. No, it wasn't a particularly attractive restaurant. but I went there for years, and the chubby waiter always brought us our margaritas without having to order them. The service, esp. on a weekend night, was always good.

Walked by tonight, and saw they were auctioning off contents of restaurant. sign in the window said they were closing b/c it was simply time to move on, and took pains to note that it wasnt the landlord or the neighbors driving them out.

Goodbye, mediocre but friendly neighborhood restaurant. I'll miss you.

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  1. i saw people staring during brunch time through the window.

    i always figured it was a matter of time...brunch couldnt keep them afloat. it was a bit of a microcosm of the 5th ave development. 4 years ago, all the servers were local hispanic kids...last time i went, 1/2 of the servers were white kids.

    1. that description is right on the money. I never understood why there was always a wait for a table there during brunch (not so much at dinner). that being said, part of me will miss it too. it may not have been that great, but it became something of a mainstay, probably because it was friendly and accomodating.

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      1. re: etowernyc

        I agree it's a shame, but how the heck did it stay open so long? I was always impressed that it managed to stay afloat despite almost no weekday business.

        1. re: dark knight

          they own †he building. from what i hear, they think the can make more money, just renting it. (i don't know enough about the restaurant business to formally disbute that statement so am just repeating it)

          1. re: ceasar11

            Oh - that makes sense. And I would be shocked if they couldn't make more income renting that space! Hopefully something good will come in, although I no longer live a block away.

            1. re: dark knight

              The sign on the door reported that the Associated Supermarket next door would expand into the space.

      2. I will truly miss the Sunday brunch. I loved the Mangos Con Huevos (sp) and Latin Eggs Benedict. I need a new and interesting brunch spot!

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        1. re: Ralphus

          I wonder if Palo Santo down the block on Union is going to rethink closing for brunch now . . . they are certainly situated in the pan-latin groove to pick up the business....

        2. This is truly a sad loss for the this overhyped hood. My wife and I were Beso regulars for years and just recently had their pancakes, which were the best I've had anywhere in the city. The duck empanadas always ruled. And as far as being kid friendly, our daughter's first restaurant meal was here. The service was always spot on. Thanks for the good meals.

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          1. re: eglazarev

            Anyone know why the heck Besos was cool for brunch and such a trainwreck at dinner? We went there about three times over the life of their dinner run, and it was wretched each and every time. I don't understand why they couldn't get it together like they did for brunch...

            It might have been an awesome episode of Gordon Ramsey's "Kitchen Nightmares"

            1. re: pitu

              i never had any meal other than brunch there but how hard is it to throw 2 strips of chorizo on eggs benedict and calling it something new and different?

              it just worked...and now its gone.