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Oct 14, 2007 05:21 PM

Ecuadorian Cuisine in Washington DC

I am going to be in Washington in November, are there any good Ecuadrian restaurants in Washington DC?

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  1. The people who run La Choza in Fals Church/Merriefield, VA are Ecuadorian. They also have a spot in the Food Court at Ballston Common Mall. From the extremely short menu at the Mall, you would not know they are Ecuadorian, and the food has all of the charm of the mall itself. Supposedly the menu at the restaurant is more elaborate, but I've never been.

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      I'd be eager to try it if only to learn what Ecuadorian cuisine IS! We spent three weeks in Ecuador last year, mostly in the Andes, but in a few of the lowland/coastal towns and cities, too. We were surprised to find that the food in all regions was so bland. They seem to use no spices at all, and we found no distinctive dishes or foods (e.g., like pilbil in Mexico).

    2. If you'll have a car, Baltimore is about an hour North of DC, and La Cazuela in Fell's Point has absolutely terrific Ecuadorian food in a nice setting.

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          1. Thank you for the question and the answers! I will try out these places soon and report back on authenticity!