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MSP: Good Day cafe

My parents really like this place. Has anyone else been here for breakfast? Is it as good as they claim it is?

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  1. I work nearby and have had lunch a couple of times. The salads are lovely, the sandwiches even better -the only complaint I have with the place is the acoustics. It gets very busy and very loud which can be a problem if you want to have a conversation with anyone at your table.

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      does anyone know the web address for Good Day Cafe?

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        Here's the places link.


        Good Day Cafe
        5410 Wayzata Blvd, Minneapolis, MN 55416

    2. It is loud (as the previous poster says) and there is usually a wait for breakfast on weekends. The food is quite good, though. Great coffee, too.

      1. I really like Good Day, but I have to admit that I've only tried two things in the half-dozen times I've been there. I absolutely LOVE The Iggy Sandwich (fried egg sandwich on brioche.) I don't even remember the second thing that I tried because I didn't care for it and have stuck to the Iggy ever since. My sister likes the Eggs Benny and my young nephews rave over the pancakes (Huckleberry, I think?) and blinzes. We all like the beinets and and the Mexican Hot Chocolate. Another favorite is the Almond Joy coffee drink (among the coffee drinkers, that is.) If it was more convenient to my office, I would be more than happy to stop there for a coffee and beinets on a regular basis.

        A waiter told us just after they opened that they would be doing dinner service after Memorial Day, but I don't think that has happened yet. As someone else mentioned, watch out for crowds during weekend breakfast hours. It's a zoo and it does get loud. They don't seem to have a website, but I look for one every now and then to see if they post when they might serve dinner.

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          I called them recently and they didn't have any immediate plans to expand to
          serving dinner, also no web site yet.

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            I've been to the Good Day Cafe for breakfast - waits can seem long, but they do seem to get people in fairly quickly. However, if the patio part is not open (I assume it might still be?) then the wait can definitely be a bit longer.

            I've had a few different things here, and they're decent. It's nothing to drive just there for (Fab Fern's, Hot Plate, Hell's Kitchen are better choices for b-fast) and sometimes service can be a bit slow because of the chaos .... but it's a decent choice and you won't leave hungry!

        2. I went today and was absolutely thrilled with the burger. Link to my comments:


          1. We went there for breakfast last week, and it was really very good. Not a place for conversation; as others have noted, it is very loud. But the food is great. I had the wild mushroom eggs benedict, and it was delicious. Other members of our group were also pleased with their choices. The hot chocolate was unbelieveable. We took home some of the pecan sticky buns, which are wonderful. If you like breakfast, this is a great choice.

            1. We ate breakfast there Friday after Thanksgiving. The place was very busy. Service was good. The menu was not all that original as say Hell's Kitchen. Here are some of the plates.

              1. I have eaten there a half dozen times. I have been alone, with a friend, and with groups. Everyone I have eaten with there has been very impressed with the food. To me the souffle omelets are fantastic!

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                  I believe Rick Nelson gave it four stars...that should be warning enough. I've gone three timesl. On the first trip, all of the dishes were way oversalted. When we sent them back, the replacements were merely somewhat oversalted. The second trip was uneventful, and the food unremarkable. The third trip was on a weekday at lunch, and during the half hour wait for a table, the noise level was actually painful. We waited for the table hoping the sound would be better, but it was just as bad. We had to leave without ordering, and to give you an idea of the noise level, we drove instead to Bryant Lake Bowl, where we ate next to a school group who came to bowl, and the sound level was actually soothing after Good Day.
                  I gave Good Day Cafe three chances because I live in the neighborhood. Its location at the old Turner's Crossroad intersection has hosted many great little restaurants over the years... Coco Lezzone, of course, and Coco's, as well as a Lotus. With the demise of the great breakfast place called Du Jour's in the Collonade Building next door some years ago, we have hungered for good breakfast food. After all, the downtown Mpls DuJour's location was reborn as Hell's Kitchen! No such luck here. What's especially aggravating is when a bad restaurant has the visual trappings of a place where food is treated seriously... While you're trying to listen to your dining companions, watch the waitstaff funnnel into a narrow corridor to pick up your order, and enjoy the view of the stylish OPEN KITCHEN design. Another case of "restaurant managment" fahsion pandering often seen in the suburbs.

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                    Thanks Mr/Ms Mousse for your post- I've been wanting to go to the place for
                    months, haven't yet, now will cool my jets elsewhere since you red-flagged two
                    of my restaurant deal-breakers- decibels and excessive salt. Too bad, since the
                    menu appeals to me.

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                      I agree, thanks for the post. I tried to go a few times and the wait has always been astronomical and overwhelming. I am a city-girl now residing in the suburbs, so I can complain about both, right?! But I have to say this place feels/looks very "suburban trendy" to me - more of a place to see and be seen than I prefer for my Sunday brekkie.

                2. Do you think the noise issue wouldn't be a problem if going there mid-morning? And can a couple of people get by without ordering much/any food? Thanks in advance for your comments.

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                    Yes and yes.

                    When you go in there, they have a little seating/waiting area to the left side which is a quieter, out-of-the-way place to sit in a comfortable chair and have coffee and a pastry, etc. During peak times, it's a bit crowded with people waiting for tables, but it would be a nice place for a mid-morning chat or to read the paper before the lunch rush.

                    I haven't experienced the issues with noise that others report. Maybe the seats along the windows and towards the hostess stand (where I've sat each time) aren't as loud.

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                      I haven't experienced the noise issue at GDC, either, MSPD, and there are places that I avoid due to the noise, in spite of the great chow, such as Highland Grill (I will only go at off-times), Town Talk Diner, Strip Club, and Birchwood Cafe. I've only been for lunch, though, so, perhaps the lunch crowd is more subdued than the breakfast crowd?


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                        TDQ- I have a feeling that your thoughts are correct. Every time I have been there for breakfast-it's loud. Not unbearable, not "can't have a good time loud" but it's loud enough where a group of 8 can have a difficult time talking to one another. However, part of me just takes that in-if I am going to have brunch on a Saturday or Sunday at a big place-then I expect some issues with noise.

                        All in all-I don't think Good Day Cafe is bad....but I can think of 10 breakfast places off the top of my head that are much better.

                  2. Is this place still on the noisy side on weekends, say a Sunday at 8 am?