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Are there holes-in-the-wall in Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head?

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We will be spending two nites near MB and three in HH next week. I've scoured the boards, and it seems that chains and middle-brow tourist places predominate. Are there any really good but unfancy places, reasonably priced, that focus on chow-worthy food?

We will be in an RV with our own kitchen, so don't absolutely need to eat out much, but want to get some good local things, if that's possible. Local seafood would certainly be nice. Even something like a church picnic oyster roast would be grand! Also, are there any seafood markets or other places we can get good stuff to cook ourselves? We can drive a ways if necessary.

In MB we will be staying way up toward the north end (Longs actually), so naturally would like to know about places up in that neck of the woods.

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  1. IN HH Sea Shack will fill your needs. However, I think Rachel Ray did a spot there so lines can be out the doors still at times.

    check out:



    In MB there is a place down in the old Pavillian area called Mrs. Fish, I have not eaten there yet, but have reports that it is pretty good. Low key, but maybe not considered a hole in the wall per say.

    1. Two of our favorite places to eat are: "Original Benjamin's" on Restaurant Row in Myrtle Beach. It is a little pricey but you can find coupons. It has everything in a buffet style and the food is good. The other place is called "120 Item Chinese Buffet" in Surfside. The place is immaculate, the food is good and it is a nice mix of American, Chinese and seafood. Have a great trip -Jack

      1. The Sea Shack on HH is very good and inexpensive. Sea Capt House is a good choice in MB but since you're staying in NMB you may want to check out any of the number of seafood joints a few miles up the road in Callabash. Don't fall for the chains calling themselves Callabash style. The inexpensive joints are only located in the town of Callabash just over the SC line.

        1. I agree that The Sea Shack is the only place at Hilton Head which could be called roadfood. On our last trip, it was the best and the cheapest meal we had - which is a sad commentary on the other places we visited. I have heard that they lost their chef (I was shocked to hear they had a chef - a very good cook seemed more appropriate) recently so quality may not hold up in the future. Regardless, we will eat there on our next trip.

          1. myrtle--- Hamburger Joe' and Bimini's. Order simple in both, as you do not need to spend much in either to be chow worthy!

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              I love Bimini's fried oysters and grouper balls. (don't even say anything)

            2. Hi, I lived in MB about five years ago and a lot has changed since then but I think I have a couple relevant recommendations. For a Hole in the Wall. I recommend the Devine Fish House in Paulie's Island. It is a bit of a drive from north myrtle but well worth it. It is a very expensive and upscale dive but through my definition it would still be a hole. The food is travel worthy, beautiful fresh fish, amazing sushi and shellfish and a fun/hip atmosphere. I love this place and it makes my top 10 in the country.

              As for fresh seafood, there is a street just as you cross into North Carolina off of 179 (splits of of 17 ocean highway). I am not sure of the name of the street, after looking at a map I think it might be Seaside Road SW. You will recognize the street right away because it is a large 4 lane street heading toward the ocean and will be lined on both sides by large and small fresh fish markets and even some fishermen with stands set up in parking lots. Can't get any fresher and the prices are half as much as any store.

              I hope this helps, have a wonderful time.


              1. Thanks to all who replied to my query in this thread. In the end, we didn't eat out much in MB, for a variety of reasons. We did try two places---the 120 item Chinese buffet (New China buffet), and it was OK as Chinese buffets go. It seems every buffet in MB has 120 items. What's with that.? And the second was Flo's which got good reviews in several places. Flo's is worth a visit, and may indeed be the best in the area, but as has been previously pointed out that only shows how poor the eating situation in MB is.

                Hilton Head turned out a lot better. I will post our experiences there in a separate thread which I will call Hilton Head Report if anyone is interested.