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Oct 14, 2007 04:24 PM

A big shout out for Whole Foods cheese dept

Made a trip yesterday to the Whole Foods on River St. to shop for a dinner party last night. As usual, the folks over in their cheese department are awesome! We told them how many people and what we were serving and they made great recommendations for cheese, crackers, olives, fig spread plus we got to taste all the fabulous cheeses. I've always had consistently good service at this cheese department and even on a day like yesterday when it was really crowded, I never felt like they were rushing us through. One other plus, they had the Vosges bacon chocolate bars...YUM! We bought six!

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  1. I tried one of the Vosges bacon bars a couple weeks ago, and I have to say, I think they really live up to the hype. The milk chocolate is blended just right and isn't too sweet. This lets the bacon's Applewood smokiness and saltiness come through. And after chocolate's melted, you've got bits of crunchy meat in your mouth - who could dispute the pleasure of that? ;)

    Also gotta agree with the River St. WF's cheese department. They are always patient and helpful, to the point of chatting with us for over 30 minutes about various cheeses (and offering all three of us samples!) without being snobby or rushed at all.

    1. As one of the guests who were lucky enough to eat the delicious food at the dinner party, I wanted to wholeheartedly agree - what a great selection of excellent cheeses; I loved them all. I've also always found the Whole Foods cheese dept to be exceedingly helpful and knowledgeable. Those Vosges chocolate and bacon bars were great too - I've been wanting to try them ever since I had the tasty bacon and chocolate chip cookies at Cowboy Ciao in Scottsdale a couple of months ago. Mmmm... bacon and chocolate.

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        I wouldn't give up on Formaggio to quickly. They have a lot of cheeses that Whole Foods will never carry. But a big thumbs up for Cowboy Ciao, can't wait to get back out that way.

      2. A big loud second to Lissy's comment above. They were so incredibly helpful and enthusiastic. It's so clear that they really know their stuff and care about getting it right - and we benefit greatly from their knowledge and effort. All the cheeses he recommended were fantastic, my favorites were definitely the Robusto and the Ciabot - YUM!

        1. I like Whole Foods, despite the prices. They usually have a favorite cheese of mine, a five year old aged Gouda! It's a great cheese. Trader Joe's has an "Old Amsterdam" Gouda that is also VERY flavorful, but much cheaper. Cheese rocks.

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            I love Whole Foods cheese department. An experience at the River Street location made me forsake Formaggio Kitchen forever. Imagine that!

            1. re: DoggieMama

              I think the cheeses at the Swampscott WF is quite extensive and always get good advice

              when I am out that way I try to get to Shubies in Marblehead which is very impressive

              1. re: ipsofatso

                Whole Foods Cheese Dept on River St. is the best of all the Whole Foods in this area. Whole Foods in Swampscott I find to be very limited...

                But still Whole Foods does not hold a candle to Formaggio Kitchen.
                Formaggio is one of the truly great chees / gourmet shops in the country.
                I'll support the Independent shops over the corporate places whenever I can.

                by the way ill second the rec for Shubies in Marblehead...they do a phenomenal job with everything they do there

          2. They have amazing cheese at wholefoods and the cheese workers are very knowleable. I purchased a bell shaped cheese recently. Something new. Cant rememeber the name and it was out of THIS WORLD.