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Oct 14, 2007 03:06 PM

Where can I buy sushi-grade fish in Edmonton?

There used to be a great Japanese food store on Calgary Trail southbound that sold frozen fish for making sushi; but they've closed. Does anyone know of another place in Edmonton where I can get fish that's safe to eat raw? Thanks.

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  1. The only place I can think of off the bat is T&T Supermarket in the WEM.

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    1. re: alau2

      Thanks: they do other sushi supplies, but as far as I know, no fish for this purpose....

      1. re: David Kahane

        I've seen frozen slabs of sushi-grade tuna and salmon in the freezers at T&T but have never tried it myself.

    2. Just yesterday, I noticed a Japanese supply store in the "industrial" part of 99th St. I have never been in to see if they sell fish, but it may be worth looking into! Hope that helps!

      1. Hey there - I would try Fin's in Sherwood Park (780-449-3710, 298 Cree Road, Sherwood Park). They provide retail and wholesale to locals and restaurants alike. They supply restaurants like Jack's grill and the Atlantic Trap 'n' Gill. I bet if they don't sell it they can tell you who may. Good luck!

        1. Funny story...when I first moved here I was looking for somewhere to buy fish & seafood so I pulled into Billingsgate Fish Market on Calgary Trail. Well, as I quickly found out, it's not an actual market but rather a seafood restaurant. I have yet to find a place with a great selection, but for the mainstream stuff I'm normally looking for, Save-On or Superstore usually have it.

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            Uh, Billingsgate actually is both - they have a market attached to the restaurant (though their typical style is more restaurant attached to the market itself). Did they get rid of it from that location now?

            There is a place in West Edmonton that also sells their stuff at the City Market (Downtown Farmers Market) - it's called Ocean Odyssey Inland. 10027 167 Street NW. They have a mix of fresh and frozen foods - i got some mussels from them, and they were reasonbly priced and fairly good quality. You may want to try them out.

            1. re: yen

              I second Ocean Odessy - have bought from them at the CC Farmer's Market before, great fresh stuff!