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Oct 14, 2007 02:39 PM

Bar Room at The Modern, non seafood recs

I am having lunch at the Bar Room at The Modern. Can anyone help with some suggestions of non-seafood (allergies) dishes? Also, any interesting cocktails or drinks of note?


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  1. I might as well add.... Any recs on their desserts? Thanks!

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    1. re: TrishUntrapped

      Beignets. Be prepared for get more than one order as the maple ice cream is seriously addictive.

      My favorite non-seafood dishes are the ribeye, seared foie gras, gnocchi, and duck breast. You should be fine.

    2. tarte flambe, liverwurst, any of the soups, sausage, chicken, lamb shank/loin

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      1. re: wryorwhite

        beignets - best in the city - loved The Little Owl - but thier beignets could not compare to the light airy delicious beignets at the Bar Room at the Modern.

      2. I absolutely loved the poached farm egg and the mushroom soup with chorizo ravioli. Contrary to others, I didn't think the tarte flambee was anything special.

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        1. re: TheDagster

          I actually found the mushroom soup to be extremely salty, and disappointing... Also, those were not ravioli...
          As for the beignets, I can't argue with that!

        2. Looks like the beignets will be a dessert choice!

          What's in the tarte flambee? That's a new one on me. Do they light it tableside?

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          1. re: TrishUntrapped

            Tart flambe is made with a pizza like crust and has I think fromage blanc, onions and lardon. It is traditionally made in Alsace. In the barroom it's baked in a pizza oven in the kitchen.
            For desserts there's the pistachio dome is good. The cheesecake is also pretty good though most people are frightened by the description. I believe the apple strudel is back on the menu with the prune armagnac ice cream which a lot of people like.

            1. re: chocolateman

              chocolateman, the pistachio dark chocolate dome sounds good.

              We're going tonight for dinner in the Dining Room. There are two pistachio desserts on that menu. By any chance have you tried them? There is a ricotta flan, cherry marmalade and pistachio ice cream and a pistachio parfait, passion fruit ravioli w/coconut tapioca and sorbet.

              The fig tart with olive oil ice cream sounds delicious too.

          2. Thanks for the recs everyone, I can't wait. Kathryn, those photos are excellent!