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Oct 14, 2007 02:13 PM

Kosher in Sedona

anyone know any kosher restaurants in the sedona area, or hotels willing to accomodate?

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  1. You might give the Euro Deli a try (on the far West side). I believe the owners are Polish. Here is their site:

    I have a friend who lives there, and can *cater* kosher, but that probably won't help you. Plus, she is very, very pregnant right now.

    I'd imagine most of the bigger resorts would be willing to accomodate.

    Sorry, I'm not much help. :c (,

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      Check out D'lish Vegetarian in Sedona....they have some unique menu offerings...

      Also the Radisson in Sedona has a Raw Food Festival during the Fall Season...depending on when you are in town...they may also be a good resource for you ( It looks as if it was this past weekend


      and you may also want to check w/ the Jewish community center in Sedona

    2. I think you will find kosher only in the Phoenix and Tucson areas - as ciaogal suggests check with the Sedona JCC or try posting this on the Kosher board of chowhound -

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        no one resp'd to my kosher board post/...