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Oct 14, 2007 01:55 PM

Sunday dinner in Baltimore

While we live in DC we don't spend much time in Baltimore, but in a few weeks my parents will be in town for a conference and we'll spend Sunday afternoon and evening with them.
Please provide suggestions for a fun moderately priced dinner for my husband, my parents, and I. One suggestion my father received from his office manager was Tio Pepe, but the menu doesn't look incredibly appealing to me. I'd be up for it if people have rave reviews, but I haven't really had much Spanish food.
We aren't picky with cuisine, and have been to Little Italy the few times we've been to Baltimore and enjoyed it (although I can't remember the name of the place we've returned to each time--it's a bistro-y type of place which is known for their foccacia bread served with shrimp on top in a cream sauce...any help you can provide on the name of this place in particular would be appreciated as well!). We also liked Vaccaro's for their cannolis.
Places I'd compare to in DC (as far as price and types of food we and my folks like) include Tosca, Zengo, Poste, Ten Penh, or DC Coast.
Thanks for your help.

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  1. I think the place in Little Italy you are referring to is Amicci's on South High Street.

    Tio Pepe is great, but haven't been there in about two years. But it is a Baltimore landmark and is reviewed consistantly well. The Baltimore Sun review....

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      Yes, Amicci's is it! Thanks.
      And thanks for the article on Tio Pepe. I'll read it in a sec...

      Any other suggestions?

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        I agree with both places. Pazo is also good. Another place is Gertrude's at the BMA.

      2. this may not be what you're looking for, parents were just in baltimore last night, and we met them for dinner. We took them to Dizzy Izzies for burgers and they really loved it. It was laid back, really inexpensive, and they got to see Charm City Cakes, too (my boyfriend saw Duff but said nothing!).

        For a good baltimore experience, I'd have liked to finish dinner with a walk for gelato from Pitigano in Fells, but they had to get back.

        For dessert, my boyfriend and I grabbed two slices of pie at Dangerously Delicious. Fabulous.

        So while it may not be what you're looking for, my folks loved the bugers and atmosphere at Dizzies.

        1. I'd recommend Kali's Mezze for this. They're generally not swamped on Sundays, which makes for a stress-free experience. Lots of great small plates for sharing, nice wines, not very pricey. And if it's nice weather, you may even score a table outside.

          1. One other dad asked for something near the harbor since that's where they'll be staying. We'll have our car but now they say they'd ideally like to walk...

            1. You can definitely walk to Little Italy from the Inner Harbor if you decide to go there.

              How old are your parents and how far can they walk? I walk all over the city, so I think pretty much everything "downtown" is walkable from the Inner Harbor.

              I don't normally suggest Pazo, but on a Sunday night, it might be nice and quiet. They have tapas and other stuff, all good. And if you haven't been it's very visually appealing. Also there's the new place by the same owners, Cinghiale - you can search the board for reviews, I haven't been yet.

              If you think Federal Hill is walkable - depending what side of the harbor you're staying on, it's maybe 15-30 minutes - there are lots of options. Thai Arroy on Light St. is on that is great and byob. And there's an ice cream place (Beach Bums) and a pie place (Dangerously Delicious) across the street where you could grab dessert for the walk back. Although I don't know how late BB or DD are open on Sundays.

              Thai Arroy
              1019 Light St, Baltimore, MD 21230

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                They're in their mid-50's and have no problem walking, although my mom does love to wear high heels! :) Really though, I would say no more than a 10-15 minute walk ideally.

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                  If you're staying in one of the hotels on the west side of the harbor, you can totally walk to Fed Hill in that time. If you're staying on the other side, it would be pretty far.

                  The east side is obviously closer to Little Italy and Harbor East (Pazo, Cinghiale, Lebanese Taverna, etc)