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RI's Hidden Jem: The Terrace Thai Restaurant

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My darling husband and I ate at The Terrace last night. After having such a wonderful meal, we wondered why we haven't heard of it before this week. It is located off of Rt. 44 in the Greenville section of Smithfield. We arrived around 6 pm where there were several cars in the parking lot (usually a good sign) to find the restaurant nicely decorated with gold elephant tapestries and a small bar. My husband ordered the "Gulf of Thailand" ($15.95) which was full of shrimp, scallops, squid, and mussels along with vegetables in a spicy chili infused broth. He ordered it medium but the very hospitable server suggested "beginner" for the first time diner. She was spot-on, next time he will be ready for the medium. I ordered the chef's special "Grilled Chicken" ($13.95)It was a wonderful diet-friendly meal of marinated charcoal chicken (both white and dark meat) with grilled pineapple, carrots, and broccoli with a sweet chil sauce and peanut sauce. The chicken was moist and delicious and especially exciting when dipped in the sauces. Both of our entrees were served with jasmine rice. We later found out that we could have chosen brown rice or rice noodles. We also shared Chicken Pad Thai ($9.95) in hopes that we would have enough for Sunday lunch.
The Terrace has a decent wine and beer list, nothing to write about but there is something for everyone.

I can't wait to go back and try there array of curries. I believe the restaurant have online coupons at http://www.theterraceri.com/

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  1. I went for lunch a month or so ago and was very happy - I'm not a huge thai fan and really just eat pad thai, but it was excellent. So good that while I definitely should have been packing half of it up to go, I stuffed myself and ate the whole thing. Cute & clean, very friendly service. Mmmm....now you have me wanting pad thai for lunch.

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      JaneRI, if you are not big into Thai food then definately try the Grilled Chicken!

    2. I'm glad to see this review, as The Terrace is right near my workplace. I'd love to try it for lunch sometime. Thank you!