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Oh the memories.....

This morning I made something for breakfast my dad use to make for me all the time. I forgot all about it over the years and today I woke up remembering and wanting! Its nothing fancy- Just simple good sliced bread with a hole cut in the middle. A little butter in a non stick pan and when the bread starts to get a little toasty break an egg into the hole. Season with some salt and pepper and let it all cook together until just set and yummy! The bread is toasty and the egg is perfect! Any yummy memories being cooked up in your kitchen?

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  1. egg in a nest...my niece loves those things!

    1. I believe the British call it Toad In A Hole.

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        Well its darn tasty! :) Any memories from your childhoods??

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          Steamed white rice with raw egg and soy sauce, wrapped in nori. Or ochazuke.
          (My SO cannot believe I eat this for breakfast--of course his fave is matzoh brei, which I think tastes like wet cardboard.)

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          We also called it Toad in a Hole in L.A. when I was growing up. Also brings back memories!

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            We call them "Hole in Ones" and always use a good Jewish rye bread. Yumm.

          2. We call 'em bulls eyes in my house. One cautionary tale, though. I once used a juice glass to cut out the hole, pressed a bit too hard, shattered the glass and wound up in the emergency room with 8 stitches and no breakfast. I now use a metal or plastic biscuit cutter. Lesson learned, and bulls eyes are still a staple in my house.

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              We use the large end of a cocktail jigger. Works great.

            2. Soft boiled egg with toast fingers for dipping. If I have Marmite in the house, so much the better. Another one ... not cooked, but still a cozy memory ... simple old cornflakes, no sugar, with bananas sliced on top. For some reason, that just hits the spot.

              1. Sticky buns, choco-peanut butter fudge, PA Dutch pot pie, apple pie...all things I grew up loving that I made my mom teach me how to make. I just couldn't go on without those smells in my own house, too!

                Scent-based memories are just wonderful, aren't they?

                1. We call them Dead Eyed Dicks here and who knows why. We always toast the bread first. The best thing to use for the hole is a shot glass.

                  1. Grilled cheese sandwiches dipped in Campbell's tomato soup on Fridays during Lent.

                    1. Every Saturday morning my father made Flap Jacks....that's what he called them.... from scratch. Heaps and heaps of them, with pats of melting butter between each in the stack, then drizzled with Vermont maple syrup on the plate. I can still smell the wonderful aroma. Also, his once-a-week macaroni sauce with three meats cooked for three hours till we couldn't stand to wait any longer and broke off chunks of fresh Italian bread to dunk into the simmering pot....so hot it always burned my mouth, but who could resist.

                      When he wasn't busy being the ultimate entrepreneur, Dad was busy being the ultimate Italian cook.

                      1. When I was younger, I usually ate an early dinner, right after I get back from school, with a snack later. After school, my grandmother would always have food ready , rice and a ground beef menudo- ground beef, potatoes in a tomato sauce, which we would have nearly 3 x's a week- never get tired of it.

                        My other grandmother who lived with me (I was a very lucky kid!) would also make me snacks, and one day I asked for carrot sticks. Not being familiar with just eating carrots cut into sticks (she was from the Philippines), she shredded some carrots and served them with a side of mayo, since we didn't have any ranch dip. Now, on occasion I'll eat carrot sticks (not shredded though) with mayo.

                        And finally, my mom got ahold that infamous Neiman Marcus cookie recipe and couldn't stop making it for about two months straight- and would make it every Christmas.

                        1. You inspired me to make that this morning! I toasted both sides of the bread in a little bacon fat, broke the egg in, let it cook a bit, then flipped over.

                          1. Food nerd here ;)

                            Toad in a hole traditionally is an English dish made of a batter and bangers (beef sausages) kind of made method-wise like Yorkshires:


                            While we're on the breakfast vein, my fave childhood pick is my dad's french toast, which, until I was 16, was the only way I knew of to prepare french toast! Ours was a savoury french toast, and post-egg dipping, prior to laying it down in the pan we would put down 3 slices of bacon cut the same lenght as the bread. As the the egg cooks the bacon adheres to the toast, then flip and do the same on the other side - so good!

                            1. The proper name is "one eyed monster"...thank you very much. :) My grandfather made amazing oatmeal served with bacon on the side and "English Toast" White bread, with butter, toasted in the oven so only one side browned. To this day, the smell of oatmeal or bacon reminds me of my grandfather.

                              1. My Aunt Dean ( she's my great aunt) created a special recipe for macaroni and cheese. She made it for every family holiday and birthday. She is now in her seventies and has passed the recipe on to me. Like a culinary baton. The recipe is only for family and cannot be given to anyone else.

                                My Grandma Meechie (Aunt Dean's older sister) made blackberry cobbler for special occasions. She was a dietitian in a nursing home before she retired. As such she used a lot of canned fruit at work. She created a lot of uses for the leftover juice from fruit cocktail. She used it as the liquid for Jello. She also used it to make the crust (batter style) for blackberry cobbler. I never quite got the fruit juice crust down. Now that she has passed away, I make the blackberry cobbler. I do it my way with a batter crust and a little Grand Marnier in the filling but it is in honor of my Grandma Meechie.