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Oct 14, 2007 01:03 PM

'Welcome to the neightborhood' dinner spot?


A friend of mine just moved from Connecticut to the BoCoCa area (I think he's on court and atlantic, but I'm not totally sure). Where should I take him for dinner to introduce him to his new neighborhood?

Hoping to spend about $25 or $30pp (not including drinks). This really isn't a, "what's the best food" question-- It's more about bringing him to a good spot that'll make him psyched to have moved to the area.



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  1. depends if yr friend is a dude...if so, pete's ale house on atlantic is about as welcoming and comfortable as any place in brooklyn.

    1. Pete's is a fantastic casual spot (and I'm a woman and still think it's great). Excellent beer list and burgers. Free popcorn too!

      If you might want something a little more "refined", head to Chestnut on a Tues or Weds. It's a little further down into Carroll Gardens but will give him a nice walk through the neighborhood. On these nights they have their their prixe fixe - $25 for 3 courses and you can order anything off the menu.

      Other good options are Panino'teca and Cafe LuluC. Oh and if you don't mind a longer walk, I think that Frankie's on Court St is terrific.

      1. All good choices above.

        I'd also recommend Hibino at Henry St and Pacific. Really friendly Japanese small plates and cooked entrees, with some sushi.

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          a bunch of good choices listed above definitely. hibino and chestnut are a couple favorites, and i'm not ashamed to say as a woman that waterfront ale house is as well. but i don't know about the very first welcome to the neighborhood spot. bar tabac has a good really neighborhoody atmosphere as well. jolie on atlantic might be a little more datey, but i think is a really good spot too. also lunetta is a nice choice: i love the meat and cheese selection plates on your menu.

          of everything listed so far though, chestnut is by far my favorite food in the neighborhood consistently....and if you go on a tues or weds, you can do the 3 courses for $25 prix fixe.

          and everyones talking about Po now too (though I haven't been yet).