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Oct 14, 2007 12:03 PM

Which pumpkin pie recipe is better? Libby's or Eagle Brand?

I want to TRY and make pumpkin pie and wasn't sure which one is better? has anyone tried both of them? Suggestions?

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  1. Eagle Brand! It makes it very creamy. Even if I don't use the actual Eagle Brand recipe, I always sub sweetened condensed milk for the sugar to sweeten my pumpkin pie.

    Good Luck!

    1. I find both of them too sweet, and prefer this one:

      1. While most of Paula Deen's cooking frightens me, I've used her pumpkin pie recipe and gotten rave reviews. It has a realy nice texture and tang from the cream cheese.

        1. no recipe to offer, but as for canned pumpkin
          I just opened a can of organic and found it to be well worth the extra 50 cents in terms of quality
          (it just smelled esp. good, and I've been going through quite a bit of canned pumpkin with a sick dog so I have a point of comparison)
          Can't tell you what the brand was until I look in my fridge...

          1. My husband is insane for the Eagle Brand version of Pumpkin Pie. If you use the fat free Eagle Brand, it's even low fat (except for the crust, of course). Normally, I refuse to use fat free items, low-fat is a must, but fat-free normally means weird and chemical-y. In this case, however, I'm fine with it. I guess when you're talking about super-sweet have to throw out certain prejudices.

            Anyhow, I hate pumpkin pie, so I'm not one to judge, but the husband swears by it, and it's the easiest thing I ever make.