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Which pumpkin pie recipe is better? Libby's or Eagle Brand?

I want to TRY and make pumpkin pie and wasn't sure which one is better? has anyone tried both of them? Suggestions?

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  1. Eagle Brand! It makes it very creamy. Even if I don't use the actual Eagle Brand recipe, I always sub sweetened condensed milk for the sugar to sweeten my pumpkin pie.

    Good Luck!

    1. I find both of them too sweet, and prefer this one: http://www.dailyolive.com/cooking/bes...

      1. While most of Paula Deen's cooking frightens me, I've used her pumpkin pie recipe and gotten rave reviews. It has a realy nice texture and tang from the cream cheese.


        1. no recipe to offer, but as for canned pumpkin
          I just opened a can of organic and found it to be well worth the extra 50 cents in terms of quality
          (it just smelled esp. good, and I've been going through quite a bit of canned pumpkin with a sick dog so I have a point of comparison)
          Can't tell you what the brand was until I look in my fridge...

          1. My husband is insane for the Eagle Brand version of Pumpkin Pie. If you use the fat free Eagle Brand, it's even low fat (except for the crust, of course). Normally, I refuse to use fat free items, low-fat is a must, but fat-free normally means weird and chemical-y. In this case, however, I'm fine with it. I guess when you're talking about super-sweet goo...you have to throw out certain prejudices.

            Anyhow, I hate pumpkin pie, so I'm not one to judge, but the husband swears by it, and it's the easiest thing I ever make.

            1. Well, just to add one more confusing vote... my mom makes the Libby's recipe every year (it uses evap. milk, right?) and it always goes quickly. However, last year she made one pie using the same recipe but added lemon extract and it was just lemony enough to be different, but still a great pumkin pie.


              1. I also wanted to mention a pumpkin chiffon pie I made last year. I found the recipe in Penzey's catalog, but had to alter it as the techniques were a bit off. The crust was also too sweet, and I subbed a baked pastry crust for the graham cracker one. This is not a recipe for those of you concerned about eating unpasteurized egg whites, unless you can find pasteurized eggs locally. http://www.penzeys.com/cgi-bin/penzey...

                1. Not wanting to sabotage your thread honest! But as someone that never cared for the pumkin in pies made from a can, I gave sweet potatoes a try. YUM!! Better than pumpkin any day!
                  I think anyway. Roast a couple, and then make some puree and you can freeze it too!

                  1. I always use the Libby's and I find it delicious, easy and completely reminiscent of grandma's pumpkin pie (which in fact might have been from this recipe!). I would not be without this one!

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                      I have used the libby`s canned pumpkin and everything was fine. that was my mothers
                      favorite pie. But I am one that likes to make things from scratch. like buying the
                      pumpkin and fixing it and adding the spices like they did at the thanksgiving meals
                      with the pilgrims. I know it takes a little more time and effort but that is my joy of cooking.

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                        I use the Libby's recipe and double the cloves.

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                          Interesting, I omit the ginger and use freshly grated nutmeg.

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                            Libby's definitely - with tweaks.

                            Through trial and error, I've come up with the perfect pumpkin pie recipe (well according to my husband anyway!):

                            Use the Libby's recipe. Use about 2/3 to 3/4 the amount of sugar... and use dark brown sugar. Increase all the spices (usually I "heap" whatever the measurement is. To further gild the lily, use half and half instead of evaporated milk. Always make my own crust with butter (I like Bittman's currently).

                            The result: creamy, not too sweet, and the spices sing.

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                              That sounds good, and easy. I don't mind cooking the custard (as in my recipe linked above) for a special meal, but for weekdays, it's a bit much. I'll give it a try this fall. Thanks!

                        2. Okay, yet another apology for thread-hijacking. An alternative to pumpkin pie is the Libby's pumpkin cheesecake. You can substitute ginger snaps for graham crackers for the crust.


                          1. My MIL made the Libby's recipe with a twist, she'd substitute 1/3 of the milk with Bourbon. The alcohol cooks off, but the flavor remains. Always a family favorite!

                            1. I can't speak to the differences between the two, but I did make a Libby's recipe pie this weekend with fresh pumpkin that I roasted, drained, and blended to smooth out. It seemed like an awful lot of sugar, so I went a bit shy, but it was still too sweet, IMO. Not sure if that's because the raosted pumkin was naturally sweeter than canned, but I felt like all I tasted was sugar, not pumkin custard. (It was a sad end to my huge project).

                              1. I made a pie using the recipe on the can of organic pumpkin...
                                can pumpkin + can sweetened condensed milk + two eggs and spices (nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, clove)
                                nothing could be easier, and it was the right amount of (un)sweet

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                                  I made the exact same pie as 'pitu' just today. Used Trader Joe's organic pumpkin with fat-free sweetened condensed milk, eggs & pumpkin pie spices. Must have been good... there's only 1/2 left!