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Oct 14, 2007 11:21 AM

Where is Zomicks?

I wanted a cheese danish to go with my Starbucks and saw that Zomicks on Central Ave in Cedarhurst was closed and gutted. I did not see any sign with forwarding address or new location. I don't remember seeing any ads in the local papers about a change of location. What gives? I have been on Atkins since Shavous so bakeries were off my horizen for a while. When did they close/relocate?

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  1. Zomnick's moved inside Gourmet Glatt. They have their own counter like ossies. It is a loss for Central Ave

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    1. re: MaTi

      Thanks, wish the had a sign to direct you there. I usually shop at Brachs so I did not see them.

      I just stepped in - a shell of its former self - a shame. I always hated their challahs but liked their bakery items.

    2. For the record, they have primarily become a wholesale bakery. Their prodcuts are widely available in kosher butchers and groceries throughout the NY Metro area, I have even seen their products in Wholefoods.

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      1. re: mggn

        Not a big loss. I have found their product has gone down hill over the last few years anyways......

        1. re: JS69

          Philosophically speaking, "where is Zomick's?" It used to be a standard for other bakeries. Now it is a McBakery.