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Oct 14, 2007 10:32 AM

I made the best flat-iron steak last night

There was a special at Krogers for flat iron steaks at $1.99 lb., so I bought 2 of them. So for $2.19 we had a moist, juicy, tender steak for dinner, with some leftover for today! I put a little bit of mesquite rub on it, both sides, and let is come to room temp. Then I put in on my stovetop smoker, with a mixture of bourbon soaked oak, and pecan wood chips, and smoked it for about 45 minutes. I also smoked some garlic while I was at it. I took the steak out, let it rest on a plate for about 5 or so minutes, and it gave me lots of juice. Took the juice, put in a small skillet, added a bit of au jus flavor, and some of the roasted garlic, and made a pan sauce finished with a touch of butter. Then I popped it into the foreman grill for about 2 minutes. Even more juices came out, which worried me a bit, but the end result was a perfectly medium rare, tender, juicy steak. I added the additional juice to the pan sauce. Woke up this morning craving more steak!

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  1. sounds absolutely fantastic

    1. Flat Iron has become my standard cut of steak. I like marinade of red wine vinegar/ EVO, Worcestershire sauce and S-W spices. I might have to try a bit of bourbon the next time.

      I tend to do it over a charcoal fire, but your pan sauce sounds very good.

      1. I had some today, sliced very thin, and cold, on a salad and it was so very good! I think this is my new favorite cut of beef.