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Oct 14, 2007 10:25 AM

Entertainment book restaurants - Calgary

We are new to the city and thinking it would be a good way to explore the city (at better prices) we purchased the entertainment book. I flipped through the dining section and did not recognize many of the places. Are there any standout places in the book? Are any of them worth going to? Are there some that are really worth avoiding?

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  1. I can't relly tell you if there are some that need to be avoided, but our EB is languishing away in some musty corner because we can't really bring ourselves to try any of the places. Most of them we have not heard of, or have been warned against. ANd some no longer exist. Even after trying to force ourselves to use one coupon a month, we gave up. I would rather spend my money based on this board's bets. Shikiji is one good one that is in there.

    1. I like using the EB in order to try new places too and find that between that, the Safeway, M&M Meat Shop and hotel coupons I save a bunch. As alex8alot pointed out, you do have to be careful and make sure the restaurant actually still exists (been burnt there myself a couple of times). The ones in this year's book that I'd recommend are: Sorrentino's, China Rose, Mongolie Grill, Singapore Sam's (although I usually like the buffet there instead of using the coupon), Fiore, M.T. Tucker's (try the brunch) and Wicked Wedge. I'm kinda bummed because Namskar is no longer included.

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        Sorry, forgot a couple: Glory of India and Ruan Thai.