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Oct 14, 2007 07:32 AM

Am I the only one who likes to bake her own birthday cake?

My birthday is next week and my husband asked me what kind of cake I want. In the past, he has picked up a cake at a gourmet bakery. While they always taste good, it kind of reminds me of all those supermarket cakes. IThat said, I told my husband I want to make my own cake. Now the quandary, what do I make? I saw a Molasses Spice cake in Living this month that looked yummy. Has anyone tried it? Any other ideas for a truly delicious birthday cake? Thanks!

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  1. I saw the recipe in Living too, looks good - except I would sub treacle for molasses which I find bitter.

    Don't know how you feel about chocolate, but this is insanely delicious - and easy:

    1. I also like to bake my own cake. I mean, i would love it if someone else would bake one for me, but baking my own is ususally my best bet. I'm gluten free, so picking one up at the store is less of an option, and there is no chance in hell my boyfriend would ever try to bake one for me. My personal fav. is carrot, and generally cakes that are sweet but not too sweet. That spice cake does sound great for fall! Good luck deciding!

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        I have a friend who is gluten free, I would love to make her a carrot cake can you post your recipe?

      2. I have some food allergies, and baked my own this year. It was just less of a hassle than finding a commercial baker willing to tell me all their ingredients. I made a yellow cake with confectioner's sugar frosting because that's what I was in the mood for, but there have been discussions of this subject here. Just do a search of "cake" on this board.

        1. I love baking cakes, as long as it's not for too many people. You can try this okracoke fig cake recipe, it's delicious. I've coated it with buttercream or chocolate ganache and it tastes great with either. I've substituted the pecans with almonds and pistachios with good results.
          The directions talks about doing in a bundt pan but I've used 8" cake pan and it worked.

          1. You are not the only one to make their own cake. I make my own every year. :) I say if it's going to make you happier, go for it!