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Oct 14, 2007 07:22 AM

Brisket in SW BC (Vancouver Area)

Does anyone know of a place to get reasonably priced brisket in the Vancouver area (prefer. maple ridge area)? The only places I've been able to find it is at custom and organic butcher shops... at $6 a pound :-s. Regular shopping centers (centres) don't seem to carry it? TnT has a cut called (if I remember correctly) "rip cut beef steak" or something like that, which looks very similar to a brisket... could this be the same thing?

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  1. Please let me know the results. I spend quite a bit of time in Maple Ridge,too!

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    1. re: zipper

      That's weird. Any butcher shop, not just high-priced organic specialty shops, should be able to provide you with reasonably priced brisket. It is, after all, one of the cheaper cuts, and it is a pretty big part of the cow. Is there a Thrifty Foods near you? I know they've been expanding onto the mainland, and their meat is pretty good (their butchers are usually willing to take orders for specific cuts).

      1. re: anewton

        I stand corrected. My wife told me that she has not seen brisket at Thrifty's.

      2. re: zipper

        It's been a while but I'm sure that I got some brisket from Safeway here in Vancouver. I did have to ask for it and they cut a portion for me. Maybe the grocery stores don't have display space?

      3. I'm in Calgary, so perhaps the Vancouver meat selection is a bit different so take my comments for what they are. I smoke alot of brisket and have not had any problems finding it here in Calgary. I've got them from Safeway, CO-OP and a number of butcher shops. I smoke the briskets whole, but you would be unlikely to find a whole brisket out on the shelf s(they usually separate the point and flats to make smaller briskets good for making corned beef)o I generally have to ask the meat department if they have any and usually they do. I'm not sure what you are planning on doing with the brisket, but you might want to ask for a 'packer cut' which they should have still in the cryovac from the meat packers. This should be the whole brisket (the point and the flat), have plenty of fat on it and will probably weight between 9 and 14 lbs. Since they can sell it to you right in the cryovac, they should give you a better price on it too.
        Good hunting

        1. TnT does carry brisket. At least their location off 152 St in Surrey does.

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          1. re: burgerbuddy

            Thanks for the tip. I do occasionally shop @ TnT on 152nd for some very special items for a foodie up north. Will check it out next time I go there.

          2. Safeway's meat department may not stock brisket regularly but will usually be able to provide a "specialty" cut if you give them 24 hours advanced notice.