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Oct 14, 2007 07:10 AM

Wisconsin Folk: what are your favorite places to buy Brats?

especially seeking butcher shops that make them on the premises.

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  1. Miesfelds in Sheboygan and Glenn's Market and Catering in Watertown are my two favorites.

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      I would also heartily recommend Meisfelds for a great brat that is made in-house. They also have an incredible and very reasonably priced meat market.

    2. Stoneridge Market, in Wautoma. I haven't actually been to this place, have only eaten their brats with friends, but I'm going to be shipping my dad a box to West Virginia for his birthday this Friday - they are terrific, excellent flavor in both plain and flavored brats. The flavored varieties still taste like brats - most of the time an "enhanced" brat (anathema to some, I know!) just tastes like mexican/italian/cheese-filled sausage.

      Their website is
      I plan to visit the next chance I get, and take a cooler with me.

      1. I'm a transplant from BrewTown and we nearly always bought our brats at Usingers in downtown Milwaukee. They make them on site and will tell you more about brats than you'd care to know. They also make great giftboxes and will ship them all over.

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            Here, here for Usingers! We had them at our annual Oktoberfest parade tailgate party. They were a hit! We usually have brats from our local grocery store (Festival). They are good, but Usingers were better. We like their natural casing weiners, too.

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              Here is another vote for Usingers. I went to UWO and we would drive down to Milwaukee just to get brats from Usingers. So good.

            2. whenever I'm back in Wisconsin visiting the folks I stop at Gundrum's in downtown Slinger. They make their own brats -- and better yet, with a smokehouse out back, offer smoked brats. Great summer sausage and mettwurst too.

              1. My parents live in Madison and their long-time favorite is the Bavaria Sausage, just outside of Madison. Here's the link to their website