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Oct 14, 2007 03:30 AM

Market Table -- a review

Being a Little Owl fan, I had to try Market Table. It was great. Although not intentional, we each had the scallop wrapped in bacon as a starter. Delicious. For mains we had the lamb shank, swordfish, cod, and chicken. I wasn't a great fan of the swordfish, but the other three were superb. To finish the meal (and this was tough because we were stuffed), we shared an apple cobbler. The chicken is similar to Little Owl (which is to say amazing). The lamb shank was incredibly rich and the meat fell of the bone. I didn't taste the cod, but it got great reviews at the table. The space is fun and informal, although it could use some additional lighting (for those of us with slightly aging eyes). Service was gracious and attentive without being overbearing. The staff is well trained and take their cues from the Danny Meyer school of hospitality. WILCO on the stereo -- what could be bad? Market Table allows you to bring one bottle of wine without charging corkage (which we did) so I don't know what the wine list was like. They are on opentable.

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  1. Sounds great.. Do you remember what other desserts were offered?? Also, how was the cod cooked??

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      There was a banana and chocolate thing that sounded interesting, but lost out on a vote. Other than assorted ice creams, I don't remember the others. You'll be too full....

    2. Thank you for the review.

      We're fans of Little Owl and are on our way to our first dinner at Market Table next week.

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        Gosh, all this chatter about Little Owl. I will have to go there and review it for myself!

        You like to eats?

      2. I'm so glad you enjoyed - our impression was the same as yours...they really follow those Danny Meyer cues (and cooking) that work. It just makes you want to keep coming back for more. Good food + wilco + great hospitatlity...a perfect mix.

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          Perhaps, I'm not completely cued-up on Market Table staff and management, but why the comparison to Dannny Meye cues?

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            there is no relation to meyer's restaurants. most of these guys come from the red cat/mermaid inn/harrison chain.

            i guess theyre just saying the service is good. personally, i always find the service at meyer-related restaurants (gramercy, craft...even hearth) try too hard and make the meal uncomfortable but i guess it beats crap service.

            1. re: sam1

              yes, service was so hospitable (just as meyer preaches) wasn't fake at all - they were all genuinely happy to have the business, and really wanted everyone to be leave full, happy and return...

              1. re: gramercyfoodie

                Agreed. They weren't saccharin at all. We were treated like they enjoyed having us there. I can see how some people might want their restaurant service a bit more clinical, but I prefer a warmer touch.

                1. re: jcooper

                  i had lunch there last week and it was lovely. sunny day with all the windowed walls open, bright and comfortable - had the crabcake served like a burger with a roll and great french fries. perfect lunch. plus we shared their version of eggplant parm served as an app and incredibly tasty. a large slice of eggplant delicately fried in pankow crumbs i think with a light tomato sauce and melted chunks of mozzarella. no layers, just the eggplant parm essence. next time i'd get my own.

        2. finally got to try market table the other night. while the popularity of this place and little owl is a bit suspect, you just cant deny that these guys know what theyre doing and doing it very well.

          we had the perfect table in the corner facing carmine street and for a monday, the restaurant was completely full but they actually reserved tables for waiting whatsoever for our table. there also weren't any stragglers wandering around and standing over your table like most restaurants in the east village or LES these days. we found a great bottle of syrah for $42 that was absolutely delicious and ordered the scallops and the gnocchi to start. i didnt try the scallops but they looked great. my gnocchi was very good...with cheese, sundried tomatoes, and some short rib that tasted a bit like corned beef or tongue.

          for entrees, we ordered the halibut which was quite good, the lamb shank which i was surprised how amazing it tasted, and i had the crab cake which was one of the best ive ever had. i think the lamb was the winner though. usually the lamb falls too easily off the bone and is way overcooked. this was really perfect and looked beautiful. the fries with my crab cake were very good as well. the side of cauliflower we ordered was decent.

          dessert was meh but that was our fault. we ordered the chocolate bread pudding expecting it to hold its own with blue ribbon's up the freakin way. it was merely okay but didnt spoil our dinner.

          4 people, 3 appetizers, 3 entrees, 2 desserts, 2 bottles of wine, and a side dish was $240 after tip...which i think is completely reasonable considering the quality.

          as for the service, it was totally friendly, totally accomodating, and totally professional. the crowd was very friendly and nice too. whenever a restaurant comes out and is this good and this packed this soon, im very surprised but here it works.

          1. just found out that they are charging a corkage fee: it's $20 and you can only bring in one bottle per table...but i had their wine list emailed to me and it looks like there are a lot of interesting options.