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Oct 14, 2007 12:52 AM

Osteria Mozza comments

A party of 6 of us there Thursday and this is not gonna be a rant!
We all agreed that the grub and service were excellent and that the $20 corkage fair for a hot upmarket resto.
For the record, I had as a starter, the burrata with braised artichoke, pine nuts, currants and mint pesto, with beef tagliata as the entree and wild berry sorbet for dessert. Sides were rosemary roast spuds and roasted peppers.
All six of us also agreed that the dining experience was up there with the least comfortable, as the noise after 2 or 3 hours made any kind of conversation impossible and then they started played loud music to add to the din. Then there the chairs...wood, hard, short seats and the kind one would expect to find in a joint that's promoting quick turnover instead of a 3 hour plus dining experience.
So we were unanimous in wanting to try many other items on the menu and that we probably wouldn't return to do it. And BTW, yes we did tell the FOH manager what we thought, and if he's taking a poll, this will add to the stats.

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    1. I can totally relate to how deafening the noise is. For my first visit there, my party was in the main dining room and I had such a head ache during and after the meal, that I wasn't sure if the food was worth a return visit just because of that. My second visit was much better because we were seated in a back room behind the main dining room. That was a more pleasant experience and allowed me to have a much more positive dining experience. If you do go back, you may try to ask to be seated there instead of in the front.

      1. I was there the same night you were. Arrived at 5:30 and sat at the Mozzarella Bar. Place was packed by 6:00. Service was excellent. Food was even better. Had something from each of the menu sections - crispy pig trotters, the burrrata with bacon, garganelli pasta, beef brasato, and for dessert - bomboloni. Some great wine too. Didn't know they served cocktails, but the place has more of a wine vibe to me. Yes, the music was loud, but it didn't bother me. It added to the fun lively atmosphere. Wish the bar stools had backs to them, though. Overall, a wonderful dining experience.

        1. The original comment has been removed