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Oct 13, 2007 10:43 PM

Best San Francisco Cakes

So, a friend of mine is having an aniversary party and is looking for a place to get a cake. She loved the way the Miette cakes look but after reading all the reviews it sounds like they are pretty but flavorless. Has anyone had the ginger cake? Has anyone had a good experience with thier cakes?

How about Citizen Cake? Are they tasty?

We also looked at Petite Patisserie--they look like a good possibility pretty and people have said good thngs about the way they taste.

Also looked at Victoria Pastry--a little too homestyle for them. Crixa cakes sound really delicious but are less polished than what they are looking for.

Any thoughts? Suggestions? Who has your favorite tasty and a little fancy looking cakes. It doesn't have to be from anywhere fancy. If it's moist and pretty it could she is okay with even Safeway cake. We're going cake tasting soon, but it would be nice to know where to start.


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  1. I just had an ice cream cake from Bi-Rite that was extraordinary. It was a yellow cake soaked in caramel with a huge layer of brown butter pecan ice cream, topped with caramel and pecans. It looked great and was just delicious, and the leftovers were tasty the next day. Half a sheet was a huge amount of cake for $80. (I had originally wanted the salted caramel ice cream but they can't make it into cakes, it melts too fast. )

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      Oooh, that sounds delicious! Yum. I'll have to tell her about that. I have a feeling she may say that she wants just a cake cake--she's feeling very traditional about it, but that sounds sooo good. I'll have to look at the website to see if they have pics!

    2. I really like Schubert's cakes. They are beautiful and sophisticated and they taste really good. I particularly like their mousse cakes, but their other cakes are also very, very good.

      Schubert's Bakery
      521 Clement St, San Francisco, CA 94118

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        They are really delicious. Old fashioned European pastries, and you can sample most by the slice. Their Princess cake is good too.

        Definitely check out Delessio's. Lots of interesting cakes with high impact, especially the chocolate tower.

      2. I would highly recommend La Farine or Masse's, both in Berkeley. They both make delicious cakes that are beautiful.

        1. We really love the cakes at Katrina Rozelle on College Ave, in Rockridge. Not cheap, but incredibly tasty and beautifully done.