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Oct 13, 2007 09:09 PM

Favourite bulk store? Food supplement store?

I've recently started a strength training program which means I'm going to need energy and muscle building material, so I am looking for a place where I can load up on huge sacks of nuts and dried fruit, as well as a place to cheaply buy protein-loaded energy bars and whey protein powder in large quantities. I'm looking for good deals and considerable discounts over the regular pricing at grocery stores. Anyone have any suggestions for where to look for bulk stuff, big cases of energy bars, and huge vats of protein powder in Toronto?

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  1. Have you looked at the warehouse clubs? They have all the items you mention.

    1. Can't help you with the protein stuff - I never really looked for it - but for bulk fruit and nuts, go to any Superstore.

      I'm sure there are tons of little bulk food stores around, too. There's one in my neighborhood, on Bloor near the Ossington subway station. It's called something like Strictly Bulk.

      1. Costco has a really good "Fruit Medley" with huge chunks of fruit and some nuts. I've only seen wimpy dried fruit mixes at the cheaper bulk food stores.

        1. Bulk Barn at Leslie and Lakeshore always has perfectly fresh and top quality nuts and dried fruit.

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            John-Vince bulk store on Steeprock (west of Dufferin -north of Sheppard) should have everything you are looking for at probably the best prices in town.

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              I was at John Vince about a month ago for the first time in many months.

              I noticed many of the bins had their lids removed. Not only did it appear unsanitary but quite a few items were stale.

              Did they switch to an open bin system or was I there at a time of some sort of transition? It was really horrible and I used to love the place.

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                I used to go to John Vince on St Clair and it was my favourite place ever. I hadn't been in years so I went a few months ago and it was AWFUL. Not properly stocked, produce looked bad and was generally in decline. Sad.

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                  Very sad indeed. John Vince was once King.

          2. Most Bulk Barns usually have good food at good prices. They also have supplements, but not much selection.

            There's a small bulk store on the north side of Danforth west of Pape that seems to have nuts of somewhat higher quality than Bulk Barn and also a small supplement selection.

            If you are in the northern area, Ambrosia on Doncaster is a good source of food and supplements.

            The Big Carrot is great, but often very expensive on non-sale items.

            GNC doesn't have much food, but has lots of training supplements. Very expensive.

            I've found that the bulk selections at Loblaw and Dominion stores tend to be stale and often overpriced.

            Johnvince may have the biggest bulk food selection and good prices, but I've heard complaints from former fans that their food has been badly displayed, and often stale, for years now.

            The best bulk nuts are at the mid-eastern stores along Lawrence E. You won't find any "health" oriented items there.

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              check out ambrosia on doncaster in thornhill. I hear that their prices are the best in the city.