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Recs for Best Greek Restaurant - Seattle

Hi, looking for a good Greek restaurant in the Seattle area as far as north to Everett. Any recs? Thank you.

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  1. Pano's Kleftiko, 815 5th Avenue N, is consistently the best I've had since moving to Seattle in 2001. Tiny, intimate dining space, with the sounds and smells of the kitchen wafting out over the tables. Outstanding food.

    1. I am biased because they are friends, but the Continental on the "Ave" (University Way) and 47th has some great stuff. All pastries are made in house and are yummy. The avgolemono and faki (lentil soup) are really great. Not fancy but they will take good care of you!

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        I would second the Continental. No glitz or glamor, its just down right good food!

      2. Georgia's, on 85th near the Greenwood Market, is really good.

        1. I've always liked Nikis Gyros on 32 Ave in Magnolia and Panos Kleftiko on 5th Ave just past the Seattle Center. The folks at Panos Kleftiko just returned from a family trip to Greece and maybe some new recipes?

          1. go to junction of I405 and I5, take any exit, drive along the main boulevards (e.g. 99/Aurora), and you will find a slew of wonderful greek restaurants in this gourmet suburban ghetto. must be a lot of greek ppl living around here. the best greek food in the pnw, imo.

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              Come on, be a little more specific...

              405 and I-5 junction at the South end (by Tukwila) or the North end (by Lynnwood)?

              Can you pick one for us?
              I'd be interested in checking this out if I had any sense of where it might be...

            2. Vios on Capitol Hill is excellent. Yanni's and Panos also very good.

              1. Marianna's by the Market (formally Porta) is my favorite. The former chef from Bandoleone is there now and they are really putting out some tasty food.

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                  Any more ideas? Panos Kleftiko is the only one of these I've tried. It's good, but it's not really in my 'hood, being a Ballardite. Anything up near my hood? I live very near Georgia's and Yanni's and find them both pretty meh.

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                    Have you tried Gorgeous George's on Phinney? I know that George serves a great lunch, but haven't eaten dinner there.

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                      Try Olive You on Greenwood just north of 85th. The service is touch-and-go but always friendly. I've always enjoyed their food, and I've tried many many things on their menu. It's never disappointing.

                2. Gorgeous George's on 78th and Greenwood is delicious for lunch and dinner. I get takeout there all the time and now crave it on a weekly basis. I do not advocate Olive You, as they seem incredibly inconsistent, Americanized, and, to be honest, somewhat unhygienic.

                  1. I'm a pretty big fan of the calamari at Costas Opa in Fremont. The rest of the menu is hit or miss; what they do well, they do extremely well and the rest of it is just mediocre.

                    1. Divine...on 80th & Roosevelt