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Oct 13, 2007 08:30 PM

Soho On George,,, %$^&(

Just came back from the worst meal in a long time. It was terrible on all fronts...Ambiance, Food and Service.

-They have not redecorated since 1992

-The food tasted like it was frozen ( note I was with 6 people who all had different dishes)

-The service was terrible...3 hours for a meal that was meant to be no more than a 2 hour experience. To give you an idea our dessert came out with all the ice cream melted ( completely). So not only does that tell you that we were waiting awhile, but they do not care enough to even look to see what they are serving.

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  1. I was there on Wednesday, and I had the opposite experience. I had the crab cake, followed by the tuna. Both dishes were prepared well. The service was also good.i always have found that Saturday is always the worst day to go to a restaurant because of the crowds.

    1. I gave up on this place years ago. I remember having a chicken dish that was not properly cooked, and the service was always so stagnant.

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      1. re: Angelina

        While I haven't been in a while, I've never had a bad meal there.

      2. Agree 100%. Find the place very underwhelming- tons of better options in New Brunswick. Not quite sure where all the popularity comes from for the place?

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        1. re: yankeefan

          yankeefan - I would like to know what you think are the tons of other places better than SoHo. When I lived in the area I was a frequent diner in NB. I think I've tried most of the current players and must I say I've been a bit underwhelmed (i.e. Frog and the Peach and Catherine Lombardi's). Other than Stage Left (which a few friends have complained of late) where else do you go for a well prepared meal? I'm not tryitng to be smart but I truly want to know where everyone else is going. Piquant? Nova Terra?

          1. re: bgut1

            Not taking it as snide remark, but I would much prefer a meal at Frog and the Peach and/or Stage Left. I just have not had any good experiences at Soho. To be honest, I dont need that "level" to be satisfied in NB- my personal favorite is and always will be Harvest Moon followed by Old Man Rafferty's given my love mostly for their beers admittedly.

            I agree on Piquant and Nova Terra, and especailly Lombardis- would take soho over any of those. My dissapontment with Soho is strongly stemmed from the high expectations so many have where I have always come up short.

            Hell, Im a regular at Stuff Yer Face and proud of it.

            1. re: bgut1

              I haven't been to SoHo in a while either, but I've never had a bad meal there. I agree 100% that the other NB joints - specifically F+P - didn't seem that special to me.

              Nova Terra's food is decent but their service and attitude is terrible. One of those places that make you feel like they're doing YOU a favor by allowing you to dine there.

              1. re: joonjoon

                Looks like the one thing we all agree on is Nova Terra!

                I have to say- my favorite thing about EB is the quality of beer selections at three fine establishments: Harvest Moon homegrown beers, nearly 100 beer selection from Stuff Yer Face (mostly bottles), and a silly good tap selection that changes often at Old Bay.

                Can we also agree Makeda is worthwhile?

                1. re: yankeefan

                  Hey yankeefan,

                  Agree on everything except Makeda. I only ate there once and got the sampler, but to me everything tasted like a variation on indian curry. The difference to me wasn't worth the cost premium. But if there's something I missed let me know!

                  One other 'brunswick' place I love for beers is Arthur's. Where else can you get a liter of beer for 6$?

              2. re: bgut1

                Hey, b.,

                I'm surprised you find the Frog underwhelming. We like the food there. We go mostly for the $21.95 3-course lunch prix-fixe. That menu changes weekly, and every one of the many we've had since they began offering it a few years ago has been excellent. Just last week, they ran a "Columbus Day Buy-One-Get-One Sale." At $21.95 for two (+ Mr. R. had a glass of wine), it was a true bargain! We were also there in September for the annual Peach tasting dinner. Superb!

                1. re: RGR

                  RGR - When I lived in NB ages ago I noticed the decline in the quality of food at the Peach. A few years back, the DW and I couldn't get a last minute reservation for dinner at Nicholas so we decided to re-try F&P with the hopes that the food improved. To our surprise, not only was the food pretty bad but the service (usually a hallmark of the restaurant) was horrible. Now all that being said, I still think the bar lunch special is a very good bargain even considering IMHO the decline in food.

                  1. re: bgut1

                    b., To be fair, I have read other reports of less than stellar food and, unhappily, poor service. Though we've not experienced either problem, I can fully understand your views based on your own experience.

                    We first went to the Frog not long after it opened. In those days, it was the kind of place we would only go to for special occasions. Iircc, we went another time or two. Then, we didn't go again for many, many years, mainly because I heard rumors that the food was in decline. What enticed us to try it again was the institution of the 3-course lunch prix-fixe, which started life at around $18. While we mostly go for that (depending, of course, on what's on that menu since, as you know, I'm kind of picky! lol) we've been there for dinner about 3 or 4 times during the past few years.

                    Btw, the lunch special is served in the dining room though you may be right that it's also served at the bar.

                    1. re: bgut1

                      I agree. The Frog and Peach has definitely gone downhill. The service is particularly bad if you sit in Siberia, otherwise known as the garden room. I went there last week. There was one waiter for 5 tables. The menu also used to be cutting edge, but now it seems tired.

                      1. re: BigGeorge

                        I don't consider the Garden Room to be Siberia. When the weather is warm, we prefer to sit there, and we've always found service to be just fine.

                      2. re: bgut1

                        bg, I've been wondering this for a while now. What is "the DW"? I'm guessing it's sort of a spousal thing but I'm still curious. :)

                      3. re: RGR

                        Though I haven't been to FP for lunch, if their lunch menu resembles their dinner 21.95 sounds like a bargain. Unfortunately when you consider most entrees for dinner alone are above that price it makes dinner seem like a rip off...

                  2. Boy, you hit the nail on the head. I went to Soho twice and would not return. The food was actually fine (especially a memorable hanger steak), but the service was awful. Both the wait staff and the hostess were unbelievably arrogant. The place can get quite loud as well.

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                    1. re: 10gallonhat

                      ive had the lunch there with coworkers and it was lovely..delicious..served on the patio....then i took my grown children there for dinner a few weeks ago and it was less than stellar..i had the peach tasting dinner and found it so so

                      1. re: karins

                        i have occasionally had lunch at soho, and found it pretty good. i believe both soho and old man rafferty's are owned by the same people/ or the cooks rotate from both (?) someone told me this, which afterwards i saw the similarities in the preparations of the fried calamari. i don't think of either as a destination place, my visits to frog and peach were very good as well. Clydz by far is my favorite place for dinner for two in bruns.

                    2. Piquant is a wonderful indian restaurant. i bit on the pricey side, but delicious food and the owner is a supporter of the Slowfood group

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                      1. re: cmarie

                        I loved piquant the first time I was there and had one of my worst experiences ever the second time I was there- I definitely need to give it another try. I like the concept, like the breads, but everything else is just not substantial and to me just didnt come through. Ive never been blown away by Clydz either but I dont think Ive given it a fair shake.

                        I always say Im going to give these more chances but end up eating at Rafferty/H Moon and end up beering it up with the selections at HM, Old Bay and SYF. Got to get out of this rut, cold weather should do it.

                        Lets not all forget Makeda. does that count, close enough, right?