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Oct 13, 2007 08:29 PM

Butter cake..Northwood bakery

I having been dying for some buttercake..Northwood Bakery used to make the best one..anyone have the recipe..they closed the bakery. It used to be at Bridge and Pratt..then she moved to Frankford Ave...Help please..I am starving..I need to gain weight..

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  1. Rillings bakery makes a similar butter cake ( I live near the Street Road store in Bucks Cty) Also, on Frankford Avenue- Geigers bakery still makes them too. Key is -they sell out fast, so you have to get there early! I do remember the Northwood bakery; I used to stop after getting off the El after work! GOOD OLE DAYS...On Bustleton Avenue above County line and before Street Road is an Italian bakery, Leonardos- they make an Italian butter cake...more buttery, less sweet....I like the Northwood version better...But they have the BEST italian bread and rolls guaranteed north of Broad St! ive sent a half dozen people there who couldnt thank me enough...

    1. The buttercake at Hesh's on the 7700 block of Castor avenue is very good. While you are there, get a loaf of the chocolate chip pound cake. I also think that at buttercake at Fritz's Bakery in Croyden is good, very wet. Bring home their excellent cinnamon rolls, you will be addicted.

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        Does the buttercake at Fritz's have a pudding-like center?

      2. I always loved the butter cake at the Danish Baker, on Huntingdon Pike just north of the intersection of Rhawn, Pine Rd and Oxford Ave. Don't know if it's still there. If it is, try their Danish, too.