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Oct 13, 2007 08:07 PM

Best Hot Chocolate?

Weather's getting cooooooooooooold. Nothing's better than having a nice cup of hot chocolate in a cool windy day.

Starbucks used to have a super condensed chocolate drink called Chantico (I think it's made with dark chocolate + cream ----- super fatty but it's like WOW) but they're no longer making it. I don't think I can drink too much of those anyway given its super rich flavour.

Distillery District's Soma has quite a few nice HC selections, including ones added with cinnamon and spices. But it's too far for a North Yorker to travel all the way for it.

Any nice ones you'd like to share? :)

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  1. Make your own. It's simple. There are various ways of putting the chocolate and the milk together (for a single cup, I melt the chocolate in the microwave, stir in the milk and rewarm it, for a larger amount I combine the chocolate and the milk, heat it, and then hit it with the immersion blender), but basically it's just chocolate and milk (or part cream, if you want to be decadent). It's so easy I do it in the office microwave! I usually use about one part chocolate to four parts milk. You can experiment with different chocolates and see which you like best, and ditto with spices.

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      Ditto. Any HC within reach is usually way way too sweet for me *hint hint Timis* so I just make a cup at home: for 2 ppl, simmer 2 cups of milk (or enough for 2 mugs) with a stick of cinnamon, half a vanilla bean and small dried chili, strain back into the pot and add 200g of dark chocolate, stir until melted (will always get bits at the bottom though). Serve with a good dollop of cream.
      For extra inspiration try searching for HC on the France board, they're very serious about their choc fix in paris.

      1. re: Merriam

        I love chilis in my chocolate. I have a bunch of chili plants in the house, and I just pick one, rip it up and throw it in the mug. It makes for an extra-warming drink.

    2. I make my own but I use cocoa, brown sugar, and milk, usually adapting a recipe on the box of Fry's or Droste. It only takes two or three minutes, and is amazing as a winter warm up.
      Since ordinary cocoa or chocolate is becoming passe, I may upgrade to a domain powder, to see what the fuss is all about.

      1. Ghirardelli Double Chocolate, can be found by searching St. Lawrence Market, and some fine foods stores. It might be more widely available now, as some of their products can now be found in fairly mainstream stores (Shopper's Drug Mart?)

        Would be extra rich and decadent with some good ol' homemade marshmellows (if only I could find someone to make them for me!)

        Looks like this:

        1. So far the only drinking chocolate I've seen is at Soma. I go to Patachou for a hot cocoa (the treat is drinking it from a cafe au lait bowl), also to JustUs, F'Coffee and Ed's real scoop...but none are real drinking chocolate.Desolee.

          1. There is a really good mix you can find at Williams Sonoma. You melt chocolate shavings into milk its sooo good. You can also buy their giant marshmallows which a freshly handmade and very good.