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Oct 13, 2007 07:15 PM

Coffee-of-the-month club?

My parents - particularly my father - are coffee fanatics, of sorts. They love it - drink a TON of it - and are quite picky about what they drink/how they make it. As I use coffee purely as a drug, and am much less picky, thus I never dare make coffee for them as it never is "as good" as my father claims he makes it.

I think my parents drink French Roast from Trader Joe's currently, very strong. When purchasing it, my father checks every can in the store for the "freshest" one, and uses some sort of special grinder at home before making each pot. He's an organic chemist by training, so I suspect some additional magic is involved.

As birthday presents for parents can always be hazardous in my family, I am always trying to think of something they might actually use/enjoy. My father's birthday is coming up, and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on a "coffee of the month club" - something with reliable quality/freshness, strong beans. NOTHING flavored. Just the pure good stuff.


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  1. A little off the track but how about getting your parents a french press coffee maker. It's probably the best way to make and compare differant coffees.

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      Actually, that is a very good idea, although I believe I actually did get them a french press many years ago. I thought it would be a big hit, but for some reason it did not catch one..... I sense that they don't use it because of the volumes of coffee involved. They go through at least two of the "10 cup" carafes just for their morning tasting.

      1. www,

        None are flavored, just different beans.

        1. If my dad was an organic chemist, and picky, and knew what kind of coffee he liked and exactly how it should be made, I'd presume he'd tried many different coffees and had culled out the types he didn't like, I wouldn't bother with a coffee-of-the-month. Some of the roasts would no doubt be medium, and not appreciated.

          Some Web sites (e.g., Caribou) let you order one type of coffee on a monthly basis, to be billed only when shipped. Among dark roasts, Caribou's Obsidian springs to mind. But my taste, and yours, does not mean anyone else will agree.

          Maybe a something-else-of-the-month deal, such as steaks or cheese?

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