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Oct 13, 2007 07:12 PM

salt caramels

I want to try making chocolate covered salt carmels. I looked at a recipe on epicurious. The reviews generally thought the caramel was too hard. I'd like a soft and creamy carmel. I haven't made much candy before. Do I just cook the carmel to a lower temp for it to be soft ? To cover with chocolate - do I need to temper the chocolate fitst ?

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  1. Go look at the book "Pure Chocolate" by Fran Bigelow. Her sea salt caramel chocolates are quite good, and her book has tons of invaluable information for making chocolate confections.

    1. Here's a pretty reliable recipe:

      If you're going for a chewier caramel, you're shooting for about 248 degrees F.

      You should temper the chocolate if you want them to look nice.

      1. Fine Cooking magazine has a great recipe for honey caramels.It's posted on their website. Make sure you have a candy thermometer.