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Oct 13, 2007 06:15 PM

Diet Jones Soda

Just noticed a few diet varieties in the market today. I'm not a fan of the regular flavors - just can't justify the empty calories. Has anyone tried the diet ones? If so, are they worth it? Thank you in advance :)

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  1. I find them unbearably sweet but i've only tried the diet black cherry and cream. Good luck in your search.

    1. agree, way to sweet. I bought some awhile ago at Target. The insane bright colors of the soda also feaked me out.

      1. Good to know, perhaps I'll pass.

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          Same here. I tried the diet cream and still have the other five bottles. Way too sweet. I like Diet Dr. Brown's.

        2. I disagree. I love Diet Jones. Especially the diet cane cola. It has the taste of regular cola without the empty calories. If you're a frequent diet-drinker, you might not be used to the sweetness of regular soda. But if you want the taste of regular, without the empty calories, Jones and Hansen's are both great, imo.