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Oct 13, 2007 06:04 PM

Brownstone Pizza in Eagle Rock

Just tried the new (grand opening today) pizza place in Eagle Rock on Colorado Blvd. This Area needed a place just like this. This is NY style pizza and in our opinion it is a well done rendition. Everyone has their opinion on what ideal NY pizza is but this place in definatly worth a try. Very nice friendly staff. The sauce in excellent. Looking forward to going back. They should have their Beer and wine license in 6 months. Get there!

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  1. I just popped in to Brownstone for lunch today. Damn, that pizza was f***ing good!! Big NYC slices and about as thin as a cracker. It was comparable to Mulberry Street Pizza, but now I don't have to go all the way to Beverly Hills for a good slice. I hope they spif the place up a little...get some art on the walls and sign out front or somethin'. Not the nicest room to eat in. The pizza is pretty great though. Will go back soon!

    1. Casa Bianca watch out, Brownstone delivers a much better pizza. I had their margherita and it was amazing, great crust and quality ingredients. Can't wait for delivery to start.

      1. i just tried this place on new years eve. we called about 5 minutes before they were closing and they made us two pizza's to go. this was THE BEST pizza i've had in a long time. If i had to do a taste test between one slice from here and one from vito's, i don't think i could distinguish between the two.

        1. I absolutely LOVE their pizza. It's a delicious and well proportioned pizza made by people who are pretty serious about the quality and consistency of their product. I place it easily in my top three pizza places in LA. Most importantly, I finally have a great pizza place on my side of town to go to. And as far as Casa Bianca goes, well, there's really no competition... Brownstone is in a whole different echelon of pizza making and quality.

          BTW, I've read of people questioning the proportion of cheese that is on their pizza, and I (after taste testing with extra cheese) find that their proportions are perfect for my tastes.

          Brownstone pizza is definitely a keeper in my books!!!

          1. I had lunch there today - a slice of simple pepperoni pizza. It was certainly among the best I've had in L.A. - the others being Vito's and Petrillo's. I was there just after they opened and maybe the oven wasn't quite hot enough yet, but the crust was a bit soggier than it should be. It was still a very tasty crust and the toppings and balance of ingredients couldn't have been better. Very nice people, too. It's a lot closer to where I live than my other faves, so they've made a regular out of me.

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              I, too, liked it. However, I realized that getting it cooked well done makes it even better!! And, of course, eating it steaming hot from the oven, too. The slice that had cooled was not as good as the one I ate straight out of the oven (and yes, burned the roof of my mouth on - but it was worth it!!).

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                Agreed WildSwede... the fresh pizza with well done crust is definitely the way to go. BTW, the taco truck with the great burritos that I posted to you a while back is just a few blocks west of Brownstone!

                1. re: mrshankly

                  OMG the Buche Taco at that place is awsome!

                  1. re: mrshankly

                    I am definitely hitting up that taco truck - I swear!! ;-)

                    1. re: WildSwede

                      It's in the Valcaro Gas station east of Eagle Rock Blvd no place to sit we usually take home or walk up the street to Hill drive and sit on a curb

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                          Right in front of the Comfort Inn on Colorado Blvd just west of Eagle Rock Blvd across the street from Bank of America... opens after 8pm and stays open until 3am... all meat burrito with cheese... oh, and the quesadilla with meat... yummm. Not sure if this is the same one that PurpleTeeth is referring to although I'd love to try that one as well if it's not the same as mine... so many taco trucks, so little time!! Hey, wasn't this thread about pizza? lol

                          1. re: mrshankly

                            Yeah, but you know a true CH's mind cannot focus on only one type of food for longer than a minute!! ;-)

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                              Actually it's is not but I like that one as well good beef but that's it. The one I am talking about is Blue and has excellent Buche, Lengua and Cabeza. Also their Pastor is yummmy. Mmmm need tacos now!