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Oct 13, 2007 06:00 PM

Venuto's Old World Pizza in Washington Twp, NJ

Has anyone tried this pizza yet? They just opened here in the last few months. I understand they have a Signature Pizza and a Margarita Style with fresh or buffalo mozarella plus several others.

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  1. I should clarify that it's the Washington Twp. in South Jersey also known as Sewell, NJ

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    1. re: coniglio

      I tried Venuto's pizza and it wasn't that good. Stick to Sals Pizza on Egg Harbor or go to Alfred's Tomato Pie in Blackwood. If you can drive into Philadelphia go to Slice or Top Tomato for an awesome Margarita Pie.

      1. re: coniglio

        I have been to the one on Egg Harbor Rd. 3 or 4 times since they opened. The pies are overpriced, hence the need for Clipper coupons. They are thin crust, cooked in a conveyor oven, and are often undercooked toward the center of the pie. They are better advertisers and promoters than pizza makers. I prefer Johnny's on Egg Harbor, haven't tried Sal's, must try Alfred's (although after all the raves, fear disappointment)...

      2. Yes, I have tried their pizza and loved it! It is pricier than most pizza places, but anyone who really knows food knows why, better ingredients. If you want a doughy pizza with cheap cheese, this is not the pizza for you.

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        1. re: foody1

          Slice and Top Tomato rock!! Worth the 20 min. ride from Jersey.

        2. Fake pizza. Think of what a McDonald's pizza would be like.

          Margarita is a lime based drink. Margherita was the queen and is the pizza.

          1. I tried it in Cherry Hill , way overpriced , and I agree its what McDonalds pizza would be like if they offered it. I will stick to Vitos Pizza on Rt. 561

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            1. re: joe mangiano

              I've never been to Vitos. Is this thin crust, NY style pizza or the doughy, undercooked Philly/S Jersey pizza? Still looking for crispy thin crust pizza in the area. Actually, I've had a good one at Tutti Toscana in Cherry Hill. But next time I went back, it was undercooked again (even though I asked them to cook it till crispy).

            2. I'm in total agreement with Joe Mangiano. I ate at the one in Short Hills (Cherry Hill) and it was awful! We were so disappointed! I'd never go back. Vito's is great (as are the guys in there), and I also like Masso's and Milanese (which used to be a Maruca's). Masso's and Milanese are also on 561 in Gibbsboro. Venuto's - I hope it dies a quick death. With all the advertising, it sure didn't live up to anything.

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              1. re: harriet1954

                they should focus on their Hollywood Tans business because their pizza sucks. Vito's is good NY style pizza.

                1. To each his own. It's great that you found something you like and enjoyed yourself. So, I'll say something nice: it's better than Domino's or Papa John's.

                  To me one of the mysteries of the universe is how a place like Domino's stays in business in NJ where it is relatively easy to find decent pizza.

                  Some possible reasons might be that the the eaters aren't paying attention, don't know any better, never had any better, just don't care.

                  My McDonald's analogy for Venuto's is apt. You have high school kids who couldn't care less about the pizzaiolo's craft assembling these things and shoving them onto a conveyor belt. You get a mediocre product at a relatively high cost.

                  So, what makes a great pizza? What separates bad from good, good from mediocre, and spectacular from good? Perhaps a checklist would be in order.

                  If you don't have your own personal list, here on Google Docs is a checklist.

                  Then, visit places recommended by pizza lovers and apply your criteria.

                  Someone mentioned Vito's as a local thin crust pizza that they liked. I've driven by them for years and just this week (due to a post above) stopped in with my better half to sample their wares. Apart from NJ's tomato pies - DeLo's in Trenton and Alfred's in Blackwood - they do indeed sell a good thin crust pizza. One that rivals the long gone Rocco's in Trenton. I don't get the Elvis memorabilia though.

                  1. re: harriet1954

                    After driving by Vitos on 561 in Cherry Hill, I finally give it a try . I was pleasently surprised by the pizza. This is the first time, after living in the Philly/S. Jersey area, that I could actually 'fold' a piece of pizza. The crust could have been a wee bit thinner, but it was crispy and just the right amount of sauce and cheese was added. Probably the best pizza I have had in this area, and I think I have tried just about every place. Still don't think it's as good as Conte's in Princeton, but it's close by.
                    I do wish they had a simple Margarita pizza with fresh mozzarella, however. I did not see that on the menu. Thanks for the suggestion; I never would have stopped there if I hadn't read this on chowhound.