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Oct 13, 2007 05:22 PM

Bukhara (not so) Fine Indian Restarant

Located in Markham, I made the mistake of going there a second time. We had the buffet dinner, which was COLD. The service was awful...we had to seat OURSELVES....after waiting for someone to greet us...with no success, in this 'Fine dining restaurant'.

Finally, they don't take credit cards, ONLY cash or debit, which I thought was strange since they have a visa machine and sticker on their front desk. Perhaps some tax workaround for them. When asked why, they pointed us to a small sign posted to a small pillar at the corner of the bar area that mentioned 'no credit cards'.

The food could have been better....if they had cared to keep their buffet warm!

I advise you to avoid this place.


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  1. When I first started going there for their lunch buffet about a year and half ago, the food was delicious!! believe me!
    I can't comment on dinner but I had noticed the quality of the food had been going downhill in the last few months but would go back intermittenly hoping it was a one off occurence each time as it used to be so yummy.

    Was just recently there for lunch after a two month absence and found it better..albeit not to the same standard it was when I first went...perhaps the owners are finally starting to clue in............

    If anyone is in the downtown area, try Nataraj on Spadina/Bloor.

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      Love Nataraj. One of my fav Indian restaurants.