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late night eats in Diego

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    1. OK, Adam. You are extremely concise and literal and only visiting. Got it.

      Chinese. SE corner of Clairmont Mesa and 163. Golden City. Lunch menu goes up after 9 p.m.

      Japanese. Convoy Street. Can't remember name. In same Mall as Seoul BBQ. Open to 0100 or 0200.

      1. Hong Kong in Hillcrest, 4th Avenue I think. Maxims in City Heights, 4600 El Cajon Bl. Lestats is 24/7

        1. Many of the Roberto's (and its XXXerto's cousins) are open 24 hours.

          1. This summer the few weekends I was home, my buddies and I would do late-nite Santana's. They're all open 24 hours, and delicioso.

            1. Saska's in Mission Beach..
              Taco Shops too..

              1. Tajima in Kearny Mesa, ramen until 3AM.

                1. Oh come on guys, you've forgotten the granddaddy of late night places -- 3rd Corner, it's open and serving until 2 AM. And it's close to Point Loma. West Point Loma Blvd. at Cable or Bacon, can't remember which in OB.

                  1. How can you all forget Bully's? "Late night dining" - even says so on their sign out front! I think they are open til 2 a.m. I think that is only during the weekends though.

                    Also, I believe Brian's Eatery in Hillcrest stays open for 24 hours on the weekend - google it - it's on Washington near the DMV office.

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                      Etna Pizza for casual late night. And they have thick crust pizza.

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                        Awesome site. Love the intro text.