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Oct 13, 2007 04:39 PM

late night eats in Diego

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    1. OK, Adam. You are extremely concise and literal and only visiting. Got it.

      Chinese. SE corner of Clairmont Mesa and 163. Golden City. Lunch menu goes up after 9 p.m.

      Japanese. Convoy Street. Can't remember name. In same Mall as Seoul BBQ. Open to 0100 or 0200.

      1. Hong Kong in Hillcrest, 4th Avenue I think. Maxims in City Heights, 4600 El Cajon Bl. Lestats is 24/7

        1. Many of the Roberto's (and its XXXerto's cousins) are open 24 hours.

          1. This summer the few weekends I was home, my buddies and I would do late-nite Santana's. They're all open 24 hours, and delicioso.