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Oct 13, 2007 04:11 PM

roasting pan

I love doing Thanksgiving, but this year I refuse to put up w/ a mediocre roasting pan. I want to make a good sauce/gravy and have a large, heavy pan. I threw money away on a Cuisinart $95 pan which nearly ruined by Passover briscuit.

So, I'm looking at the $200 All Clad roaster or the $300 Viking. Beautiful pans, indeed. Do I need to spend that much? Any discounts available?

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  1. Are you looking at the BIG All-Clad or the Petit Roti? Even the Petit is heavy by itself, put a huge turkey into it and you'll need a crane to help you get it out of the oven. I paid $99 for my Petit last year (on-line), the best I could do just recently was $149 when I bought it for my daughter (on Amazon).

    1. Calphalon makes a great clad stainless roaster that is (last time I checked) $100.

      1. I like the Calphalon tri-ply stainless line. If you really want to stay with all clad you can try out their lasagna pan which is only around 100 but won't include the rack and is a little smaller like 15x12 rather than 16x13.

        1. Check out the Bourgeat Tradition Plus. It doesn't have a rack included (you can use any rack), but it is a beautiful, heavy duty professional pan that I bought this year for about $160 at I bought the smallest, which is quite wide and big enough for a 24 lb. turkey. I can't even imagine needing the biggest one.

          1. I have an All Clad and I love it.

            But I think they are making their roasting pans in China now :(