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Oct 13, 2007 03:52 PM

Recs for a girls brunch/lunch in Marin?

Hi- I'm gathering a group of old friends to catch up over brunch or lunch. Marin is most convenient, but I no longer live there, so it's hard to keep up with what's good & would be comfortable for us to settle in for a nice chat (without feeling rushed out immediately after our meal). I know you guys can help!

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  1. Buckeye Roadhouse is convenient, good food and you won't feel rushed. They serve lunch and have a Sunday Brunch.

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    1. re: Lori SF

      It's been a couple of years since I've been to Buckeye- and then, it's only been lunch or dinner. Good to know they have Sunday brunch!

      1. re: sweet ginger

        I second the Buckeye. Was there a few weeks ago with the in-laws and was pleasantly surprised at how nice and uncrowded it is compared to dinnertime. Note though that they only serve their brunch menu on Sundays.

        You can also try Pier 15's patio if the weather is nice. Definitely not as fancy as Buckeye, but they make a the best pancakes in San Rafael. Breakfast is served all day.

        1. re: cyleater

          Pier 15 has great breakfasts in general, much better than their lunch offerings. The inside dining room is attractive and very light (lots of windows) if it's too cold for the outside patio. It's very different from the Buckeye. The Buckeye is classy, Pier 15 has great breakfasts in an old San Rafael bar space. Pier 15 is my favorite breakfast/brunch place in Marin.

          Two pics:

    2. You and pals may enjoy E&O Trading Co in Larkspur Landing...lots of parking...asian fusiony food. Never been there, but I've heard fun atmosphere.

      1. Don't know how big your group is but four of us just had lunch at Mezzo Mezzo in San Rafael and really enjoyed it. Good cream of spinach/cream of tomato soup combo, good salads, large and tasty panini, and the same fine crudo they serve at dinner.

        Mezzo Mezzo
        1025 C St, San Rafael, CA

        1. Marin Joe's in Corte Madera is a convivial spot in the classic Joe's manner. They have a cocktail lounge, if that helps.

          1. I assume this is a weekend event-and would therefore recommend either Lark Creek Inn or the Left Bank in Larkspur which are very pleasant and not too crowded...or Noonans in Larkspur Landing

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              I have not heard anything good about Lark Creek nor Left Bank in a long time. Both are nice spots, I would do a search.

              1. re: Lori SF

                Actually, my last brunch (2-3 yrs ago) at LB was so bad I haven't been back since.