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Oct 13, 2007 03:40 PM

Table for One: Financial District visitor looking for great bar dining experiences

I'll be staying at the Hyatt Reg Embarcadero for several night and looking to find some great dining: mostly casual. Price up to $50-$75 per meal (no tip, no drinks). I would like to find some favorites among SF's legendary restaurant scene. Thanks.

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  1. The Tadich Grill (200 block of California Street) is a classic "old-school" SF seafood house 3 blocks from your hotel. You can dine as a single setting at the long counter.
    Stick with the sand dabs or get any fresh fish from the charcoal broiler. Highly recommended.

    I believe you can eat at the bar at Perbacco, a very good Italian restaurant, right next door to Tadich. Also highly recommended.

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      You can dine at the bar at Percabacco.

      Also, you are close to Boulevard and Bar Crudo both highly recommended. Globe is walking distance and a good spot for solo dining, well rounded hearty menu.

    2. The bar at Slanted Door is fun as is Sens, which is a new restaurant in Embarcadero Four.

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        Sens has a GREAT view which should make for fun dining...but more importantly, the food there is amazing, too. It's a new place so there's not too much about it here on the boards, but definitely worth checking out.

      2. Well, to point out the obvious, across the street on Market is One Market Restaurant. Great eating for one either directly at the bar, the lounge tables, or at the Chef's counter, overlooking the exhibition kitchen.

        1. I think Lark Creek Steak in the Westfield Center has one of the best bar dining scenes, not the bar in front, the bar that overlooks the kitchen. Great entertainment and friendly chefs.

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            Debra, how is the food at Lark Creek? If you are a regular diner there, it'd be great if you could post a report. There aren't many threads about that place that aren't either old or Dine About Town-centric.