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Oct 13, 2007 02:09 PM

Where can I find good cupcakes

My sister's birthday is coming up and she wants cupcakes instead of a cake, where is a good place to get them from in new york city. Please do not say magnolia because I don't think she would like frosted cornbread. Also I called two little red hens and I refuse to pay 80 bucks for 30 cupcakes. But any other suggestions are welcomed :)

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  1. Make my Cake, 116th & St. Nicolas (one of 2 locations).

    1. Without a doubt, go to Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery in the LES. I think that they have the best cupcakes in the city.

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      1. re: AC041

        At $1.50/cupcake, SSS are probably the most economical, too.

        1. re: kathryn

          Economical in size, too, I'll add.
          I had an issue with their attitude for a long time but last week I decided to give them another try. Very nice girl at the counter (none of the owners), polite and smiling. I got 4 cupcakes - 2 of the sexy red velvet, 1 sassy red velvet, 1 ooey gooey. Besides the miniature size (do they make cupcake pans that small?? I mean really, 3 normal bites a cupcake) they were kind of blah. The frosting on the red velvet was buttery (nothing wrong with butter, it's better than shortening, but I expected cream cheese frosting - or am I wrong?)
          The other two kinds were just I expected given my previous experience with SSS, cocoa flavored but no distinguishable taste between them, the only difference being the colors of the colored sugar and sprinkles on top - a bit too generous for my taste.

          Definitely a matter of personal taste, but for me no more SSS - just as I gave up on Magnolia when they started charging $5 for a measly (pre-marked on top, they say) slice of cake. I'm all for supporting small businesses but when I feel I'm taken advantage off I'd rather give up and eventually do my own baking.

          1. re: RedVelvet

            I have to agree that Sugar Sweet Sunshine has really good cupcakes, much better than Magnolia's. Magnolia's cupcakes are way too dry, while Sugar Sweet Sunshine's are fluffy and moist. I really liked the yellow cupcakes and the pistachio cupcakes, the frosting on the pistachio tastes like it's made from cream cheese, which makes it totally awesome.

      2. Billy's
        Little Red Hens is also good--bigger than Billy's
        Lots of opinions on this, so you might do a search.

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        1. re: Lucia

          The OP specifically said that Little Red Hens was too expensive!

          1. re: Lucia

            I did hear little red hen's was good but man I cannot bring myself to pay that price unless they are bigger then average size cupcakes and they taste extremely good

          2. CRUMBS!!!! They are MAGNIFICIENT. There are several locations in the city - I have been to the one on E 8th street. I have tried Magnolia Bakery, Sugar Sweet Sunshine (my office orders from there during celebrations) however I prefer Crumbs hands down. Why? They are FRESH, always moist and have such a variety! I am the ultimate chocaholic so I especially love the Reeses PB and Oreo cupcakes - they are to die for!

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              Crumbs is good, but only if you order them. Then they will be made fresh for you. I've bought them from when walking right into the store and they are often dry and more often taste like freezer burn.

              When fresh I've always found them good. They are expense, $3.50 for the specialty version, but they go a long way. They are so big, we always cut them into quarter because everyone wants to taste as many different falvors as possible.

              1. re: clamneck

                i really like buttercup bake shop but, like with hamburgers, everyone has a different opinion. i think it's the cream that really wins me over and the cake tastes light and fresh. i always thought i preferred moist cake but even though these are not moist, they are still amazing. buttercup has an east and west side location and the cupcakes are $12.60/dozen. according to this website, you can get 30 cupcakes for $54.30. i love the red velvet ones but they have countless types listed on the website: