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Oct 13, 2007 02:03 PM


After just biting into an inferior pickle at home I decided that I need rec for "old sour deli style pickles." (I should have posted this years ago...)

I have tried every major brand that I know of and have been to many deli's over the years. Only on occasion have I found a good batch served up at a deli (including Brent's) There seems to be no consistency which is frustrating.

I recall hearing way back that (Mr Pickles?) in Santa Monica or Culver City sells the pickles I am looking for. Can anyone confirm this?

I am willing to travel 50 miles from Simi Valley.


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  1. I like Trader Joe's Half Sour Pickles. Comes in a quart jar, usually on a shelf above the meats and cheeses. Hard for me to stop at just one.

    1. Surfas carries a brand that are made in L.A., can not remember the name, but they are good, AFAIAC!

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        Kruegermann Pickles & Sauerkrt
        2824 Gilroy St, Los Angeles - (323) 662-9313

        A-1 Eastern-Homade Pickle Co
        1832 Johnston St, Los Angeles - (323) 223-1141

          1. re: budlit

            Do you mean Aunt Polly's Pickles? They were the greatest!

        1. I think my favorite restaurant pickles are at Billy's in Glendale, but i have no idea if they sell them to go.

          Fifty miles for a pickle? You've come to the right place!

          Billy's Delicatessen
          216 N Orange St, Glendale, CA 91203

          1. I think Canter's are spectacular. Of course for me that's 50 yards, not miles, so.

            1. I like the ones at Abe's Deli in Northridge, they are very consistent, have you tried there?

              And have you tried Bubbies in the refrigerator case at the supermarket? They are pricey, I've found them less expensive at Smart and Final.