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Bulgarian (Eastern European) Food in Orlando

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Hi all,

I just moved to Orlanod from California, and I am looking for some ethnic Bulgarian (Eastern European food).

Please post any Bulgarian/ Greek/ ex-Yugoslavian, Russian grocery stores. I am looking for the basics - feta cheese, spices, meets, rosted peppers, lutenitsa (ajavar).

Also I am intereted to find out any restaurants and clubs with Bulgarians (Eastern European) food and music.

Thanks, P.

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  1. I've been to a place called European Deli on South Orange in Orlando that seemed to focus on Czech and Polish groceries. There's also a Russian place on 17-92 in Casselberry or Maitland. It's in a strip mall that has a Cheers, but that's all I remember. I'm sure someone else will remember the name. I get the same mustard there that I have since seen Andrew Zimmern eating on "Bizarre Foods." It'll burn the hair out of your nostrils.

    1. The Orlando Sentinel's ethnic grocery guide lists a few Polish markets.


      1. Try Chef Henry's Cafe on Howell Branch Road in Winter Park. Their food is definitely Eastern European. I am not very familiar with Bulgarian food, but you might give it a try--the food is authentic and extremely good. Here's a link: http://www.chefhenryscafe.com/

        1. Go to the Europa Market, good prices and variety.
          955 W. Lancaster Rd, Suite 2, Orlando FL 32809.
          Its Nice

          1. There is a nice Eastern European restaurant 7540 Universal Blvd Orlando Fl 32819.
            They also have a grocery store attached.

            1. On Mills, near 50, there is a market/cafe that carries a lot of Russian items. They probably have Eastern European items too. The name of the place is International Market and it is on the east side of the street, south of Colonial but north of Virginia. I have not been but I have had several friends say it was good. Scott Joseph (food critic) gave the to-go food he got there a good review. I think it is more of a market than a cafe though.

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                That place is awesome, the International Market & Deli (at 815 N. Mills Ave). It is more of a market, but they do have a few small tables where you can eat their prepared foods. They have a huge selection of ajvar and many other Russian, Polish, Bulgarian, and Eastern European foods. Great variety of salamis, sausages, and other cured meats, plus lots of herring and other fish. No Greek, though.