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Denver- Inexpensive Wine Lists?

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Wine is food and we will sometimes take a small step down in food quality if we know we can get a good deal on a bottle of wine. The list of places in my head currently is very short and I'd like to know if you Hounds know of some other places we can try. Obviously the "generic wine list" places aren't interesting so even if they are priced well they lose some of their attraction. I don't need to find Columbia Crest.. I'm looking for the $23 bottle of Argentinian or Portugese wine. I want a wine buyer who gives a damn but also wants to lure me in with those great prices.

Without really thinking too hard, about the only places I come up with:

*Pasquini's Pizza - diverse wine list with the usual Italian / Sicilian suspects and some new world stuff. Prices are unbelieveably low w/ bottles running from something like $12 - $25. Great pie to boot. Wonder why they are always so busy!!

*Brix in Cherry Creek- not sure if the downtown location does it- but in Cherry Creek North their already savvy and value-oriented wine list goes crazy affordable on Sundays when all bottles are half priced! The food is delicious too IMO. Housemade potato chips w/ blue cheese fondue is scrumptious. http://www.eatatbrix.com/

I seemed to recall a stellar Rioja at 9th Door for $28 but it was a while ago.

Help- where else can a wino get his drink on w/ out breaking the bank?

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  1. How about 240 Union in Lakewood? Their wine list is eclectic and well priced.

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      That does look pretty reasonable.. and interesting. I like the fact that they offer the "8 wines for $20" section...


    2. Having raised this question when I first moved here (and I believe you responded), since I felt I'd noticed wine lists being disproportionately expensive to menus, I'll note that I was surprised by the wine prices at Oceanaire, of all places. Of course they've got plenty of reserve bottles (and their specials by the glass are outrageous--many surpassing the $20 mark, which was still rare even in Boston whence I hail), but to find a number in the low $30s was a pleasant surprise. IIRC, Deluxe is decent too.