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Oct 13, 2007 01:41 PM

dinner -- sausage, potatoes, tomatoes

That's pretty much what I have in the house. Along w/ some greens -- spinach, kale, broccoli rabe, carrots, and staples such as rice, lentils. I don't want pasta.

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  1. What about a potato sausage gratin/casserole? oil a pie dish, boil potatoes, slice. Put one layer of potatoes, then browned or simply softened onions, then sausage raw or cooked (and I imagine anything else you want--toms, kale, the works). Add a few layers. Then pour two eggs beaten up with light cream salt and pepper over the dish, sprinkle some grated cheese on top if you have any, a few butter daps then bake in the oven until browned on top. It's lovely. I just saw this on a French Chef episode that I got from netflix. The exact recipe is in Mastering.

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      Great idea! thanks.
      I think I'll make this w/ some chicken stock and saute kale separately.

    2. Sometimes I get ideas from recipes or stories that come from a different direction. So one time I had kielbasa, potatoes and beer. This is one of my comfort meals where I sautee the kielbasa w/potatoes, onions, hot peppers and season accordingly in a large pot. I then pour in a cheap beer and cover with a head of cabbage cut into quarters. Let simmer for about an hour and serve w/some Polish mustard or honey mustard and hot peppers. I hope this can help.

      1. I'm focusing on the kale for some reason...maybe a kale soup with potatoes and sausage is what comes to my mind immediately.

        1. What kind of sausage is it? Is it better sliced and grilled, or crumbled and browned? And what kind of tomatoes and potatoes? I need to know these things in order to be helpful. :P

          Off the cuff though, I'd say cook up the sausage in a skillet with just a smidge of oil, then take the meat out and use the now-infused oil to wilt the spinach. Make a spinach & tomato salad (if the sausage was the crumbly kind, add that too). Either bake or boil the potatoes, depending on their type, and steam the carrots with a honey glaze. That should be yummy.

          1. brown the sausage in olive oil with some garlic and chopped onion. season with parsely, fresh basil and oregano. add the potatoes, carrots, greens and tomatoes and cook at low heat until the potatoes are almost tender. add chicken stock and 3/4 cup of raw rice. simmer until rice is cooked. serve with crusty bread.