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Oct 13, 2007 01:23 PM

Sunday Brunch in/near Providence RI

best friend for 30 years, and foodie like me, is in Boston from SF and driving to NYC tomorrow. I live on Cape Cod; Idea is to share brunch together in Providence area. Up to $20 each OK. Sounds like Rue de l'Espoir, Julian's, CAV (what's that?), are good choices. Any current info, opiniobns appeciated.

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  1. You may want to check previous threads on this because it is a popular topic. My personal favorites are Nicks on Broadway and Waterman Grille, both in Providence.

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    1. re: sarahbeth

      thanks sarabeth, have been doing due diligence all day via threads and Nick's seems like a good fit, if wait time not huge. Waterman G. looks beautiful, but grander than our artist taste require at this time.

    2. Nick's on Broadway is definitely my favorite brunch spot in the city. With that said, it's a small restaurant and the waits can be long if you get there after 10am. If your friend is trying to stick to a schedule, it may cause some unnecessary anxiety. Julian's would be the same. But if time is not an issue, and you can wait a bit for a table, I'd definitely go to Nick's!

      Other suggestions include CAV ( or Red Stripe in Wayland Square.

      I have never been impressed with the brunch at Rue de l'Espoir. Some people rave, but to me it tastes like reheated frozen food. We gave them 3 good tries, and have no intention of going back. I do, however, enjoy their regular lunch menu quite a bit.

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      1. re: LMWW

        thanks LMWW, i think we have just enough time cushion to make Nick's our #1 choice, unless it's more than 30 min. CAV's menu seems more elaborate than this close encounter of a best friend fits. Will check out Red Stripe. Do you know anything about Brickway on Wickendon? Won 2007 breakfast award, is in arty district which is home to us, and reviews say is casual with very satisfying food. we
        are not looking for Michelin stars this time.

      2. Appreciated responses very much. At decision time, decided on Julian's: menu appetizing, bonded with the website artwork, and hope wait time is shorter than Nick's. Next time Nick's will be target. Still interested in Brickway and curious why can't find comments: too ordinary? thanks all.

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        1. re: doug long

          I love love love brunch at CAV. If I hadn't seen the friend in a while I'd go there as it'll be MUCH easier to talk - quiet & relaxed (service a bit on the slow side but it sounds as if you're in no rush). Nick's (tho I love it) won't be conducive to relaxed conversation AT ALL.

          1. re: doug long

            In my very limited experience, Brickway isn't worth going to--just boring as can be. If I were sticking to that neighborhood, I'd much rather eat at Loui's.

            1. re: doug long

              Julian's wait time will probably be slightly shorter than Nicks, but sometimes not much....

              Brickway is pretty typical breakfast fare. Nothing too exciting, but I love the grilled blueberry muffins!