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Oct 13, 2007 01:14 PM

Big Green Egg - Need advice

So we've been wanting a grill for some time, but now my husband says he'd really like a smoker....and then there's the fact that my husband is a pizza baker par extraordinaire. Add all that up and it spells big green egg for us. We're really intrigued by the BGE, but have a wooden deck and I'm a bit nervous about minor details, like...oh, the house burning down, for instance. Then I see pics of the BGE set into a wooden table. How is this possible? What are your experiences with the BGE? Can anyone ease my worried mind?

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  1. From what I understand the BGE is thick ceramic so it won't rust and is self cleaning. I have friends who swear by them so I would think there would be little concern about fire. They're also very deep and require very little charcoal to operate. One particular advantage they have with the thick ceramic is the heat stays at an even temperature even after opening and closing. It seems that the BGE is very appealing to control freaks(takes one to know one?) so they're probably the safest way to go. And from what I hear the low cost of charcoal soon pays for the expense of the grill. And I'd splurge on the biggest one.

    1. You have nothing to worry about You can either get the table top or the nest, which is what I have. The egg is so efficient, it is actually cool to the touch. Oh, by the way, I have a wooden deck also, and I have all the confidence there is no issue at all with an accident.

      One thing the coals start burning in about five minutes, then you close the lid to get the egg up to temperature. You do all the cooking with the egg shut,adjusting the heat with the vents on top and front.

      1. My husband and I were also intrigued by the BGE, about a year and a half ago, but when we looked at the different brands of ceramic cooker and what people had to say about them on the internet, we decided on a Kamado. We've used it for all those things - a smoker, a grill and a pizza oven - and it's been great.

        I'm sure that, whether you go with the BGE or another brand, you'll enjoy it too!

        1. The BGE is one of the things I miss about my ex-husband! He and his father built a table with wheels for it.

          1. Ive had about 15 or more different grills/smokers, including 3 custom made ones, and the GBGE is my favorite. I have the biggest one built into the table and I can hold my hand on the top when the grill is at 750 degrees, without burning it. If your husband likes to make pizza, it's a no brainer. The great big GE with the pizza stone is the best I've ever used short of a single purpose wood-fired brick oven, and actually the GBGE has better temperature control. It's about as easy to control the temp as on a gas grill, and unless you get one with a 75,000 BTU burner, it will get a lot hotter if you want. I'm a convert. I use it for everything from smoking fish(you can hold at 200 degrees for about 4 hours without adding any charcoal, or sear a filet at 800 degrees and drop it down to 325 in about 2 minutes to finish. It bakes tandoori bread like the real thing and make a hell of a roast chicken.