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Oct 13, 2007 01:07 PM

which restaurant? Branzino or Osteria?

In November, my Mom and Dad (New Yorkers and lovers of Italian food) are coming to PA and we are going out to celebrate my husband's 40th birthday. We are bringing our 1 year old son so we'll take the 5pm reservation. He eats at restaurants with us regularly.

I can't decide which restaurant - help us pick! Price doesn't matter, nor does BYOB/non-BYOB. But I'd say that service matters to my parents. We prefer the restaurant with the lower noise level (because of our son, not because of us). Thanks!

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  1. At 5pm you shouldn't have a noise problem at either, but why not consider L'Angolo instead? Authentic Italian, kid friendly I believe. I['ve never been to Bronzino, but Osteria might be too familiar in it's "vibe" to your New York parents. L'Angolo is echt South Philly, and not like most Italian places I've been to in N. Y.

    Actually, I loved Osteria. But, it's a place one can be hungry if you don't order carefully and copiously. Your son would love some designer pizza. And, I think it's pretty noisy. Actually, it rocks, And, it might rock earlier than a regular restaurant like Bronzino.

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      Between the 2 restaurants you mentioned, Branzino is the better bet for noise level.

    2. Of the two, I'd choose Branzino, though there should be no problem with noise at either at the time you're dining. I'm thinking that as New Yorkers, your parents might enjoy a BYOB experience.

      1. Branzino, definitely. We think it's one of the best restaurants around, BYOB or not. (It is.) Lovely place, delicious food, moderate prices, comfortable. Ask for the back/upstairs room.

        We are seniors, and although we eat everywhere, many friends in our age range have not enjoyed Osteria. Save it for when you are just going out with your husband.

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          Branzino is a much better choice than Osteria. However, if I were you, I'd also consider Caffe Casta Diva.

        2. thanks all. I think L'Angolos might be a tight fit. I'll go with Branzino...thanks for the tip about the upstairs room.