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Oct 13, 2007 12:55 PM

where to buy gourmet bulk chocolate

Hounds I used to live in Europe & buy directly from a Callebaut supplier;
where in the U.S. can I get the best bult prices for gourmet chocolate? Callebaut, El Rey etc...

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  1. In New York, Wholefoods have decent prices for Callebaut. But in the end it depends on what you plan on using the chocolate for. I've bought from however they sell 6040 Callebaut which isn't suitable for enrobing or molding (too thick).

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    1. re: chocolateman

      Brilliant link chocolate man;
      I had a greenmarket stall & would sell baked goods. I intend to restart my small business here in the U.S.
      So I need a supplier of top chocolate at the keenest price. I don't enrobe or mold. So any other suppliers like Primarque is just what I need.
      you knowledgable Hounds are the best,
      many thanks ,

      1. re: chocolateman

        Depends on how ou define Gourmet. Frankly I think the word is horribly abused. As far as the best bulk chocolate I would contact the Ghirardelli factory in Hayward, CA, and you can specify various parameters like cacao or cocoa butter content. I find that their chocolate is as good as it gets and you can take it gourmet from there. :)

      2. Cost Plus market sells big chunks of Callebaut, you might also find at Trader Joes if I remember.