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Oct 13, 2007 12:16 PM

Out-of-towners to W.Broadway/SoHo?

My cousin, his wife and their friends are in NY and would like to go out to eat in SoHo tonight. They are young and latin american, would like to eat somewhere with good food, good drinks and a happening scene. I know there are lots of places like this along, and in other part of soho, can anyone recommend some restaurants to look into? thanks.

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  1. A restaurant with great food and a "happening scene" is definitely Balthazar in Soho. It's a great French bistro.

    1. Agree w/Skooldya1. Ironically so, my instant thought after reading your post was Balthazar - it's a MUST!

      I also highly recommend Boom or AquaGrill both on Prince St.

      1. Definitely Balthazar. Blue Ribbon, also. Maybe Tailor.