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Oct 13, 2007 11:59 AM

What's in YOUR fridge?

This morning I decided to clean a couple of shelves in the fridge (I can only handle a shelf or two at a time), and threw out some condiments that cost me plenty but we only used once or twice. One was a Costco bottle of roasted raspberry chipotle sauce (husband hated it) and the other was organic salad dressing best used before June 2006!

So my question, dear CH'ers: what do you have in your fridge that you bought in a moment of weakness, then didn't use/didn't like, but didn't toss out because it was almost full or was a splurge?

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  1. A bottle of sweetened iced tea, left behinf by the previous tenant (we've been here for almost a year). I don't like it at all, and, for that matter, do not understand why it is so popular (even along with meals) in the U.S. South. One day I'll discard it, along with the half-loaf of too-healthful whole-grain bread from a local farmers' market in the freezer.

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      1. a pre-made iced tea? maybe that explains why you don't "get" sweet tea.

      2. gosh, you have room in your fridge for year-old iced tea?

    2. Three boxes of Gardennay Cream of Mushroom soup.

      I bought them because I love Cream of mushrooms soup and needed something quick sometimes. This was before I tried them. They come out as an almost-solid, gelatinous mass, made me gag, and taste... let's not go there.

      But I can't bring mysellf to just throw them out. That's a lot of food!

      I'm thinking that since there's obviously preservative-d up the hilt, they may find their way into a food drive.

      1. I don't think I have anything back there that's gone moldy, but then I haven't given it a good cleaning in a while. I'm better than I used to be - some years ago I found a container of beans that were not only molded beyond recognition, they were clearly on the verge of developing a personality...

        I never buy anything I regret like that, but we do have a few items we did not buy, but which other people brought for a party and left behind: bottles of bright-blue Bartles & Jaymes, crummy beer (at least I can cook with that), PB&J in a jar... they all get tossed eventually, but I'm so reluctant to trash even inedible food (this appears to be a common problem for us food freaks, doesn't it?) that I typically put it off until I really, REALLY need the shelf space for something important, like a Thanksgiving turkey.

        1. Great topic! Your question inspired an archeological dig in my fridge! Excavated three crusty bottles:
          Annie Chun's Shiitake Mushroom Sauce: way too salty. It's now in the trash.
          Hoboken Eddie's Rasta Relish: supposedly a jerk BBQ sauce, but tasted wrong -- should have paid more attention to the main ingredient, pickled cucumbers. It's now in the trash.
          Trader Joe's Scoville Scoundrel: mango and habanero pepper sauce: great concept, and it tastes good, I just never use it. Keeping that one.

          1. My husband bought a jar of pickled palm something-or-other (looked like little brooms), and they languished in the 'fridge for over a year. I could not bring myself to throw them out because they had a price tag on them--and a relatively high price.

            Finally I tossed them and used the jar for homemade pickled ginger. It was a good trade!

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              they were probably palm fronds - a type of sea vegetable similar to seaweed. i've never had them pickled, but the dehydrated ones are a great salty-crunchy snack.