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Oct 13, 2007 11:47 AM

Best place for dessert in LA?

I usually go to Milk. Is there any other place similar or even better?

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  1. I like Milk because they offer a lot of different types of desserts in one place, but I prefer the ice cream at Scoops over Milk, and I prefer the cakes at Doughboys.

    8136 W 3rd St, Los Angeles, CA 90048

    712 N Heliotrope Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90029

    Doughboys Bakery
    1156 N Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90038

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    1. re: SauceSupreme

      Scoops sounds scary! I'm sure it's good since it has so many reviews! I will def give it a try. Thanks!

      1. re: cyberdiva

        While it's easy to be offput by some of the flavor combinations upon hearing them, your mind will quickly change once you've tasted them. My favorites are Brown Bread and Kiwi/Jasmine. At $1 for a generous helping, Scoops is also one of the best deals in town.

        My favorite flavor at Al Gelato is probably the cappucino.

        Actually, the best dessert on that stretch of road near Milk can probably be had by going to Grace and just ordering dessert at the bar. I've also done the same at BLD.

    2. I can't recommend Milk - their ice cream is sub par and the baked goods look much better than they taste -- if you must eat something sweet immediately in that area go West to Baskin Robbins (seriously Baskin Robbins has better ice cream) or East to Sugar Plum Patisserie for better baked goods and coffee -- but if you are willing to drive a bit....

      Al Gelato (on Robertson South of Wilshire) - gelato and Italian sorbets to die for all hand made and with an assortment of home made baked goods that are equally incredible (the apple pie and tiramisu equally incredible)

      Sweet Lady Jane’s (on Melrose East of The Bev Center) - Baked goods (turn overs - cakes - pies and a mixed berry whipped cream cake that is the star of the show) also a solid assortment of potted teas.

      Fosselman's (on Main Street in SGV) - very solid old fashioned hand made ice cream - old time feel and and an awesome treat.

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      1. re: chowpuppy

        See, I can't go to Sweet Lady Jane anymore. The cakes are cloying and the staff are cruel and mean to customers.

        1. re: Diana

          Admittedly the staff at Sweet Lady Jane's are a bit of a terror but -- too many customers at peak times for far too small a space - try Al Gelato

          1. re: chowpuppy

            Nothing excuses the absolute rudeness their staff exhibits at all times.

            1. re: Diana

              I know some on this board have had unfavorable experiences but it isn't fair to say that they exhibit terrible service all the time. That simply isn't true. I realize that your one bad experience sticks out in your mind, but it hardly constitutes "absolute rudeness at all times". If the service was so bad then it wouldn't be as packed as it always, always is. I drove past it today and the line was right out the door! They're obviously doing *something* right.

              I've been there tons of times and never experienced bad service. Sometimes distracted service, sometimes rushed service, but never awful service. In fact, the service I encountered today at Susina was far more brusque than Sweet Lady Jane's has ever been. Great cookies though!

        2. re: chowpuppy

          yummy...i love gelato! and tiramisu is my weakness!! I can't wait to try Al Gelato!

          1. re: chowpuppy

            Chowpuppy - Sugar Plum is now Susina, right?

            I love Joan's on Third's desserts. Also Grace's. And Al Gelato (the hazelnut flavor brings back wonderful memories of Germany for me). Also, I bought a cake from La Provence on Olympic in Beverly Hills about a year ago that was absolutely to die for - I keep wanting to go back for more but haven't yet...

            1. re: matchu

              I second Porto's (either in Glendale or Burbank) and give a nod to King's Hawaiian in Torrance (kinda out of the area for the places already mentioned).

            2. Providence Tasting Menu


              Urth Caffe


              Diddy Reese

              Mashti Malone's

              Michel Richard


              Beard Papa's

              Le Pain Quotidien


              King's Road Cafe


              Hatfield's (okay it's a restaurant, but desserts are good)

              Cynthia's for cobbler or the chocolate tart

              [Jerry's actually has a nice large dessert late-night-kind-of-good menu... great oreo shakes to go with seasoned curly fries, and yummy kichel that I can't find anywhere else in LA]

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              1. re: Emme

                cynthia's doesn't do "just the cobbler"

                1. re: kevin

                  that's mostly true... but depending who's working, they'll let you do it, or they'll let you take it to go...

              2. Sweet Lady Jane is good, though there are VERY mixed reviews about the service you get there.

                Susina, which is a few blocks away from Milk on Beverly, is also a solid choice.... I LOVE their berry blossom cake & pear tart tatin.

                Jin Patisserie in Venice makes very unique cakes, artisanal truffles & macaron cookies. For $18, you can have an afternoon tea that lets you try lots of different sweets.

                Boule is also nice for interesting sweets ranging from baked goods to macarons to ice creams & truffles, but I find their service a bit too uppity for me.

                Scoops is my fave for uniquely flavored ice creams. For more conventional fare, try Fosselman's for ice cream -- bulgarini in altadena for gelato-style.

                Providence & Grace are good options for upscale desserts (the former does a dessert tasting menu, the latter has a special gourmet doughnut wednesday night that I liked a lot.)

                I also heard quite a bit about the junk food dessert platter @ SimonLA, but I am not sure if that'll be way too much sugar (LA Weekly's Jonathan Gold calls it diabetic coma on a plate).

                Can't help you much with cupcakes... I don't care much for those :P